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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains November 7th 2013

We left the lake and drove through Queen Elizabeth National Park, stopping as we crossed the equator to pose for the obligatory photo next to the sign. We were heading for a three day trek in the Rwenzori mountains. In contrast to the rest of the roadtrip, this had actually been planned quite carefully in advance. The Rwenzoris have a reputation for being extremely beautiful, and much less touristy than most trekkable mountains in East Africa. They also have a reputation for rain… in fact, they’re known as “the rainmakers”. When we asked the course director what the place was like, he pulled a face and gave a one word answer. Wet. The sky clouded over as we got closer, and things started looking stormy. Just as someone said “I’m sure the weather won’t be THAT ... read more
Mushroom cloud of rain
The old bridge, and the new bridge.

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains July 12th 2012

2012 July 12 Drove back to Kampala with Q.. and S.., both from Brussels. The trip back was pretty uneventful except for a small mechanical problem ... errr ... more like a butterfly problem ... too many dead butterflies were stuck on the radiator that the safari van started to overheat. While trying to cool it down, the radiator cap got lost somewhere. The driver and the two guys Q.. and N.. searched for no effect. Finally the female of the group put her head in the engine compartment and found it. We had a complementary safari game drive through Queen Elizabeth park and saw Buffalo, Ugandan Kob, Topi, an African Fish Eagle, a Crested Eagle, Wart Hogs, Baboons, Vervet monkeys, and Elephants. Not the classic Serengeti savanah experience, but not bad for a drive through ... read more
Market Day
Market Day
Ugandan Kob

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains August 30th 2011

A short history of the Rwenzori Mountains The Rwenzoris is the highest mountain range in Africa with Mt. Margherita at 5109 as the highest summit point and third highest mountain in Africa. It's situated west in Uganda on the border to DRC. You can actually walk across to DRC on the summit day if you do the Margherita peak. Unlike the two higher peaks, the Rwenzori Mountains are not of volcanic origin but rise directly from the Rift Valley floor. The formation is linked to the geological upheaval that created the Rift. Rwenzoris several altitude zones has their own distinct micro climate and flora and fauna, including 70 mammals and 177 bird species. The Rwenzori Mountains are thought to have been the source of the legend of the Mountains of the Moon, the snow-capped range cited ... read more
Photo 3
Kurt Schafer Bridge
Caroline, Pol and me

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains August 22nd 2011

Kilembe and Rwenzori Trekking Services (RTS) I went to Kilembe on Friday. I was interested in having a closer look at their hostel and facilities. I also brought a bag of mountain equipment like boots, jackets, fleece and more, to give to someone down here. Since I will do the trek with Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) later, I thought I should give the gear to RTS, to share between the two competitors. If anyone are considering doing a trek in the park, I will recommend RTS, based on the feedback from the people I met, and what I have learned about the company. Since I was first up here in Kyanjuki Village, Kilembe, I decided to do some kind of activity. Except for different days of trekking in the national park, they also provide a one ... read more
RTS Hostel in Kilembe
Countryside around Kilembe
Old coppermine in Kilembe

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains February 16th 2009

Ruboni Community Camp nestles in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda. The patio outside my banda gave beautiful views towards the mountain range. Ruboni is the starting point for trekking in the Rwenzoris - an activity I never had any intention of doing. All profits from the camp go to help support the community. It was, therefore, bad for the community, but good for me, that for the 3 nights I stayed there, I was the only guest. It was a peaceful haven, with stunning views, friendly staff, perhaps the best vegetarian food I have had in Uganda and a variety of guided walks. Whatever possessed me to do a walk labelled as a 'strenuous hill climb'? When I know that I do not enjoy hills! They didn't lie ... half way up ... read more
View from my banda
Horned chameleon and Enock
Drumming lesson

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains June 27th 2008

Short version: just left Uganda yesterday after 25 days and am now in Kigali, Rwanda for gorilla trekking. Last Sunday summited Mt Stanley, Margherita Peak 5109 m the highest peak in Uganda and 3rd highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya which I will hopefully tick off the list next week. Long version: I had been in Uganda for a couple of weeks before the trek, torridly crisscrossing the country first from Kampala to Mt Elgon and Sipi Falls in the east then to Jinja for rafting the Nile. After recovering from 2 raft flips, 2 unintentional swims, and what I'm sure is still a fractured pinky I made my way north to Murchison Falls which is famous for a 6 meter wide gorge into which the entire flow of the Nile is squeezed quite ... read more
First Crossing of the Mobuku
View of the summit from John Matte Hut
Lower Bigo Bog

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains April 10th 2007

Hello again! There's so much to tell, and judging by the speed of this computer most will have to remain until I get home. It hasn't even been a week since my last blog yet so much has happened I feel we have been away for months. The Kabale part of our visit was rounded off by an extraordinary partnership ceremony which was like a mix of cabaret -cum -prize giving, in which our "blessed Liz headmistress" was called upon to pray for the students. We were given gifts (personalised t shirts bearing the crests of both institutions) & certificates of attendance, and Twino and Liz swapped UK / Uganda flags. (Earlier, Phil had been wearing our Union Jack round his shoulders in a Tebbet/football hooligan style!) Everyone here has been incredibly generous to us; ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains January 25th 2007

You can be forgiven for not having heard of this mountain range because it seems few people have. But I don't know why. It is the highest mountain range in Africa, containing Africa's third highest peak, and has the biggest ice caps left on the continent. Since the mountain range straddles the equator they get a lot of sun, and being downwind of the Congo basin, also a lot of rain. Consequently the vegetation is really bizarre. There are are forests of heather six metres high, giant lobelia and lots of other plants that look familiar but are enormous. So bugs and animals that usually eat them are scaled up as well. Overall you get the feeling that you are trekking somewhere like Middle Earth. There are jungle elephants here too, but we only saw the ... read more
Bracken Forest
Porters On Day Two

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