Day 37: Epiphanies so it must be a hiking day

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December 12th 2018
Published: December 13th 2018
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Repeat Hike of Karangora Peak:

Hour 1: The ranger station moved from in town to on the edge of the national park. This is WAY out of the city and vehicles cannot transverse. We turned back towards town because we couldn’t believe it right. We met Richard who guaranteed us it was the other way and he escorted us (on a sprint ) to the station.

· Epiphany 1: I would make a killing selling signage in this country for tourists.

Hour 2: We had to hike basically straight up through people’s farmland to reach the park. People were leading cows and goats down to town; a woman hoeing a field with a crying baby strapped to her back; kids picking crops. I was dying as the elevation quickly rose and from the hot sun.

· Epiphany 2: These paths are used for daily living, it was the only way to move from point A to B and I was using it for entertainment and dying! When does walking change to hiking?

Hour 3 and 4: The halfway point to the peak. I ran out of water here last time and was thankful for the extra water I packed.

· Epiphany 3: I am thankful Megan Peterson was in my life. As a middle schooler, she was my idol and took me under her wing. Once I asked if she liked running the 2 mile. She said, “NO I HATE IT! So I pick 3 laps and force myself to enjoy them. No matter how hot, how much pain, how well or poorly it is going, I find something to enjoy during those laps.” I consciously picked things to enjoy during this stretch.

Hour 5: The peak!

· Epiphany 4: My mind and body seem weak, but are also stronger than I believe. I felt like there was NO reason the hike should be that difficult, but at many points when I didn’t think I’d make it. I thought I was in better shape, but maybe not. This was HARD, but I made it.

Hour 6 and 7: The return was almost straight down with slippery rocks and mud. So many near and actual falls. By the end, my knees ached, my body was tight from flexing, and my brain was exhausted from processing

· Epiphany 5: All hikes should start with the down and end going up. This would decrease the number of times I fall.


28th December 2018

You’re inspiring!
Emily, your mom shared this blog post with me- you are so kind, I will now think of you hiking as I slowly plod along on the treadmill;)- Megan (Peterson)
3rd January 2019

That is the only way I run! So carry on in good company!

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