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When you can hear raindrops on your roof, you know it is raining. When all those drops become one big wall of sound, you know it is insanely torrential, especially when it wakes you up at 4am. I didn’t get much sleep after that which is ok, because we were getting up at 5am anyway. Also, Glyn started writing today’s blog last night. How is that even possible without a Time Machine? And then in the jeep this morning, before anyone (that’s a typo, I meant to say ‘anything’ but ‘anyone’ probably is correct) had happened, his fingers were on fire on his iPad, getting irate about something or nothing. After an adequate breakfast, we left Ikaze Cottages to go to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for Golden Monkey Trekking. It’s one of the smaller parks in ... read more

I decided to leave Kabale on a Sunday, which is never a good day to travel on, as the transport options are limited. I was heading towards Kisoro, as I wanted to climb Mt. Sabyinyo in the nearby Mgahinga National Park. The only transport option to travel the short 68 km to Kisoro, was a shared taxi. This was a saloon style car, which I had to wait an hour to fill up before we got going. There was 10 of us packed in as we got going, but we still stopped and picked up anyone who needed a lift. The highest passenger count we had was 14 adults, a child and a baby, who of course was being breast fed inches from my face. The scenery on the drive was beautiful as we wound around ... read more
After the Climb
Bamboo Forest
Mt Sabyinyo Info

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Mgahinga National Forest December 9th 2010

Ten days ago, guides in the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park came across a two year old infant gorilla with a snare around its neck. Vetenarians were called in immediately, however to date, they have been unsuccessful in darting and helping the infant. The problem is two fold - the first time the vets attempted to dart the infant, it was in the thick bamboo typical of this area. They missed and the silverback, head of the Nyakagazi gorilla group became aggitated. From then on, the silverback has been overly protective of his infant making it difficult for the vets to remove the snare. Vest have identified that the wire is fairly loose around the gorillas neck, enabling him to continue eating. Unfortunately, living around Mgahinga N.P. are just too many people. The local communities still lay ... read more
Catching-a-ride 01
Makara-&-family 03

Just in from Levi the guide, the Nyakagazi Gorilla Group, who hot footed it into the DRC, are now back in Mgahinga Gorilla N.P. They are currently being viewed by visitors, so if you do have permits to see them in the next few weeks, you are okay. ... read more

News confirmed by guides resident in Mgahinga Gorilla N.P. is that the Nyakagazi gorilla group, which have been based in the park since last August, (2009) have hot footed it over and into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those who have permits to trek them are in a tad of trouble, as visitors from Uganda cannot view them when they leave the park. This is a real pitty as peak season is in full swing in Uganda, with July, August and September being peak trekking months due to the favorable weather. Will keep everyone posted as to the gorillas whereabouts. Naughty apes!... read more

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is only 14km from Kisoro but the prices I'm quoted for transport there and back suggest it's more like four times that distance. I'm told that the road is "very bad". I find this hard to believe - though the Mgahinga mountain gorillas are currently in DRC, this is still one of only four places in the world where you can (sometimes) see these creatures. And one rule of Africa so far seems to be that governments will spend lavishly on tourist infrastructure even while ignoring the needs of local people. I grudgingly hand over the money, fully expecting it to be a rip-off. My driver knows that I need to be at the park early in the morning so as to meet my guide for golden monkey tracking, so I'm less ... read more
Flowers and Mt Muhuvura
Some kind of sunbird

We bummed around Kisoro for a day and then took a 2 hour taxi to the National Forest where we had booked to stay a night before our tracking. We were the only people staying at the Park entrance and things were very quiet. The next morning we got up and met our fellow trackers - a couple of professional photographers from Germany, and a Canadian tourist. There were 3 army guys with guns for our safety (we were quite close to the Rwanda border) and 3 trackers. The instructed us on the days activity: We would go to where the Gorillas had been seen yesterday and track them to where they were today (hopefully). We would then track them as they moved through the bamboo forest eating for one hour and then we would head ... read more

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