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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro October 3rd 2008

We were in the first group to track mountain Gorillas the permits cost us $565 each!!! We set off from the campsite to the Mgahinga national park it took us about an hour to get to the park on very bumpy roads. We arrived and were briefed by our guides who also carried guns but wanted us to understand it was for protection from animals not kidnappers!!! At around 8.45 we set off to find the Gorillas. The bush was quite hard to walk through due to all the rain making it incrediably slippy under foot. We walked for about 90 mins then our gude told us it was time to see the Gorillas. We caught site of a giant silverback ahead in the forest everyone was really excited. At first they kept moving away from ... read more
Young Gorilla Playing
Gorilla tracking group

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro May 2nd 2008

The Eye of the Gorilla We'd started in Nairobi, and we headed to the West Through Kenya and Uganda where the roads are not the best And we moved towards Rwanda, where it bords with DRC And the Congolese are fighting wars most devastatingly. But why were we approaching lands of war and Rebel Killers? For in these jungles live the world's remaining wild gorillas. Rwanda and the Congo and Uganda all are linked By a jungle where the mountains rise as populations shrink, And the next day we would trek to find some quite endangered creatures: The sultans of the jungle with the shaggy human features. The gorillas filled my thoughts that night, the sleep I had was fleeting They're the drummers of the jungle who keep Africa's heart beating. *** The next day, bright ... read more
Eating Gorilla

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro March 24th 2008

It's been another busy week so far. We crossed the border from Kenya to Uganda and have spent days driving through Uganda's beautiful lucious countryside, with bright green rolling hills and rich brick red dirt tracks. It was a far cry from the dry ashy land of Kenya. A few of us decided to cross the border to Rwanda on Friday to see the Genocide Museum for those million people that died during the Genocide of 1994. We spent most of the journey reading up on the tragic civil war between tribal groups, the Hutus and the Tutsis. Hearing about the mass slaughter of thousands of people brought a tear to my eye. The immense sacrifice of human kind that took place here only 14 years ago is both sickening and heart-breaking. Everyone here is still ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro June 28th 2006

Mzungus In The Mist So we left good old Delhi at 4 am in a Rickshaw and headed for the airport having had an awesome time in India overall. Our plane journey would take us back to Honkers and then on to Nairobi via Jo'burg over 27 hours. All good fun indeed Fawlty, particularly when your destination is affectionately known as Nairobbery and 1 in 3 people have been mugged or assaulted there! We pensively exited Nairobi airport (without a problem), headed to our new camp site to meet our new group for the next 3 weeks and spent the evening watching Brazil vs Australia - good effort boys. Overlanding on a big green Scania truck through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania was the plan and Overland we did.... The Overland Experience - Heading Through Kenya A ... read more
Lake Baringo, Kenya
Dom's Roadside Soccor Camp
Jeep Safari Aftermath

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro March 1st 2006

If you ever want to know what it feels like to be famous then go to Uganda. Then simply drive down the road in an open top truck. Every single local that you pass will smile and wave at you, children will run from their huts in hysterics shouting Muzungu, Muzungu how are you? (or in many cases Mzungu, you give me monnnnneeeeyyyyyyyy). The more excitable children will often start dancing and clapping until you are out of sight. In fact one of the hardest parts about travelling through Uganda, apart from the insane potholes, is the constant concentration you need to make sure that every warm wave is returned. It's election time in Uganda and there is a growing feeling of political instability that threatens to boil over at any time. This is to be ... read more
Uganda Boy Balloon
Uganda Kids
Uganda Kid

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro October 6th 2005

On se lève encore avant le soleil. Il fait encore noir. Pour déjeuner et démonter les tentes ça prend encore la lampe frontale. Ce n’est pas un achat inutile. Nous arrêtons comme d’habitude sur le bord de la route pour le lunch. Toujours la même chose au menu : sandwich composé au choix de viande froide (parfois d’allure douteuse), tomate, concombre, mayo ou moutarde, quelques fois du fromage râpé le tout, accompagné de Kool-aid à l’orange. Miam, miam un vrai festin. Ah! J’oubliais, on mange aussi les restes du souper de la veille. Mais le tout, que ce soit du spaghetti, du bœuf Stroganoff, du cari au poulet ou autre, toujours froid. Miam, miam un vrai festin. On mange assis sur des petits sièges de camping, notre assiette en équilibre sur nos genoux. C’est pas facile ... read more
Scène du quotidien

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro March 9th 2005

Hello there, sure you've all missed hearing my tales so hear you go.... We arrived in Kampala, Capital of Uganda, was nice to see some tall buildings again actually, and a hint of civilisation as we know it.... The campsite was called the Red Chilli Hideaway, it was pretty nice actually and we upgraded to a room for the night due to the rain from the night before and the fact that we had to leave at 5 30 am the next day! The journey was long but really pretty, Uganda is one of the prettiest countries I've been to, loads of hills and pretty farmland (never thought that would float my boat ey?) Finally we arrived at Lake Bunyoni, it is HUGE and a v odd shape but also "pretty" - they call it Little ... read more
Humanly stare
Tough Skin

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro June 21st 2003

The roads in Uganda are terrible. The bus broke down at about 2 pm when we had been on it since 6 am and it took a few hours to fix. Luckily for the passengers a local happened to be cycling past with a box of delicious pineapples and a large knife. For a small fee he would prepare the pineapple which was so juicy and tasty. We arrived in Kisoro at dusk and found a reasonable guest house with help from one of the local boys.... read more

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