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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro August 5th 2015

Endlich dürfen wir zu den Gorillas! 2 Tracker sind schon einige Zeit unterwegs, um unsere Gorillagruppe aufzuspüren und per Funk die Position durchzugeben. Wir (7 Touris) dürfen dann mit 2 bewaffneten Guides hinterher - bewaffnet deshalb, damit sie im Falle einer Begegnung mit Waldelefanten oder nicht habituierten Gorillas die Tiere mit einem Schuss in die Luft vertreiben können. Unser Weg führt durch dichten Nebelwald, anfangs auf steilen und rutschigen Pfaden, später direkt durch das Dickicht. Die Guides schlagen uns mit Macheten denWeg frei. Nach 1 Stunde erreichen wir die Tiere. Die Gruppe mit dem Namen Kyogurila besteht aus einem Silberrücken, 3 Schwarzrücken, 7 Babies und 6 Damen. Zunächst können wir sie nur schlecht sehen, weil sie immer mitten im Grünzeug sitzen und dort futtern. Aber dann beschließt eine Mutter, den eigentlich vorgeschriebenen Sicherheitsabstand von 7m (zur ... read more
Mama hat Hunger
Der Silberrücken ist der Denker in der Truppe
Nicht mit dem Essen spielen!

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro July 2nd 2014

So just a disclaimer, while this is probably the most interesting blog post I've written, it's also pretty long. So make some tea, grab a sandwich and enjoy! Alright, one Friday afternoon, Leandra and I, and two of the American medicine students, Adriene and Marty, all hopped in a van to head to Kisoro for the weekend to climb a volcano and conquer nature! Seems simple enough, right? Well, keep reading. The two hour drive to Kisoro boasts to be one of the most beautiful in Uganda, as it allows us to travel alongside Lake Bunyonyi and through the hilly and mountainous countryside. The volcano we were planning on hiking, Muhavura, is the tallest in the mountain range, and stands along the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. On the drive we passed a section ... read more
Soaked but still smiling
Rest stop #1

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro January 16th 2014

Geo: -1.28116, 29.6808Today we headed out for our travels to Kisoro. Our guide, Everest, met us at Nkuringo Gorilla Camp and we drove to our drop off point to begin our walk to Lake Matunda. This part of the walk was mostly on narrow dirt, rock, sand road used mainly by locals who walk, bicycle of motor cycle to and fro. We walked by many subsistence farming areas and, once again, the children almost appear out of nowhere to say hello to the masungas. After about 2 1/2hours we arrived at Lake Matunda. It is a lovely lake with very lush islands dotted here and there. Some were even being farmed. Because the area is so hilly the farms are all terraced which makes them even more scenic. The land looks very fertile and the main ... read more
The trek to Kisoro
Chameleon Hill

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro October 22nd 2012

Het doven en blinden schooltje... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro May 29th 2012

The day after my trek up Mt Sabyinyo, I decided it was time to leave Uganda and head for Rwanda. Rwanda has this curious system of only allowing certain nationalities get visas at the border, Ireland not being one of them. For some reason they insist we complete an online pre-application, before being allowed arrive at the border to get your visa. This is despite the fact that you have to fill in a from at the border, giving the exact same information. This wouldn’t have been a big deal except for the Rwandan Immigration’s website having been offline for the previous few days. It is supposed to take a few days to process and I rang the Rwandan embassy in Kampala to see what I should do. They helpfully advised me that there should be ... read more
Policeman with Kids
Mutanga Kids
Mt Sabyinyo from afar

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro March 14th 2010

There are highlights I've got one my wishlist, and some I simply don't have on my wishlist. Few months ago, Uganda was nothing close to my radar of things to do. But than, after a drink with a friend, the idea of Jinja came...followed by a visit to the Gorillas. There are currently only 720 mountain gorillas left in the wild. The good news is that this is a serious increase from few years back. You can today find the gorillas in only two places. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, fully in Uganda, and the Virunga Volcanoes National Park shared by Uganda, Rwanda and RD Congo. The Mountain Gorillas do not survive in captivity, so this is the only place to see these nice giants. They live in groups, of which there are a few, with ... read more
Early morning on the road to Bwindi Impenetrable forest
bamboo forest in Mgahinga
Blackback enjoying a snack just behind us...

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro June 5th 2009

As instructed by the Horizon bus company man the previous day, I arrive at the bus stop at 7AM in order to catch the service linking Kampala to Kisoro that passes through Kabale. This is also where the shared taxis depart from and one of the drivers tells me, in tones so solemn I assume he's BS-ing, that the bus passed through 2 hours before. I wait for 15 minutes but there's still no bus, and the shared taxi guy then tells me he's about to leave if I want to go with him. I look inside his car and discover that the stars have aligned for me - not only is he going to leave without a full complement of passengers, but the two women with whom I'll share the back seat are small and ... read more
Gate to the hotel
Congolese mask

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro December 28th 2008

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our readers! As we are quickly realising, Uganda is a fantastic country, full of things to see and friendly people. However, for most tourists it has one main draw-card, that of being home to more than half of the world’s 700 remaining Mountain Gorillas. The Ugandan Wildlife Authority have cottoned on to the fact that the chance to see such rare and fascinating creatures is extremely appealing to tourists. To their credit, gorilla tourism seems to be run in an sustainable way and the gorillas are certainly not exploited, with each day only eight people allowed to visit each of the four groups for one hour. Inevitably, the demand for permits to visit the gorillas far out-strips supply, which in turn leads to very ... read more
Terraced Volcano - Kisoro
Golden Monkey
Morning Mist - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro October 25th 2008

Hello All... From the title of this Blog you can tell we are currently in Gorilla country and I am struggling with words to describe how AMAZING this part of Africa is!!! It is totally wild and I am overwhelmed everyday by the diverse landscape, amazing wildlife and beautiful people. Our overland tour with African Trails is fantastic. Currently there are only 5 of us (Dan, myself, our driver Henry who is from Kenya, Nicola a Kiwi, and Stuart a Brit) in a week or so we will be picking up more people before heading South. So right now we have the whole truck to ourselves and get to set the pace in which we travel from one destination to the next which is such a luxury. We all get along great as we are all ... read more
Our Gorilla Trekers
Our Truck!

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Kisoro October 5th 2008

We spent yesterday trying to avoid the rain in our leaking tent after so many early mornings we needed a bit of a rest. Today the sun was out so we decided to go on a walk to a nearby lake with Danny and Kirsty. It was quite a difficult walk up a hill and it was very slippery due to all the rain. On the way to the lake we were followed by local children who kept asking for money or pens. We walked through a small village where the men were sitting outside drinking a home brew made from bananas. They offered us a drink which we accepted, the first one was called the soft beer it actually tasted OK next came the strong stuff it was completly clear and took your head off. ... read more
us and the view
lake view
Where's my pen

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