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September 29th 2007
Published: September 29th 2007
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Hey guys, here i am again from Lake Bunyonyi, at the western end of Uganda, close to the Rwandan boarder.
Travelling through Uganda proved to be a very special experience: you really notice the difference to their neighbours, Kenya. Uganda is an exceptionally beautiful country. Fed by the waters of Lake Victoria, Uganda seems to be an evergreen high plateau. People here are mostly farmers and live of what the red earth gives them. They seem to live a very simple life, in huts of mud and straw. You can watch children play on the streets and women carrying fire wood or drying corn. In the cities, litter is being burned on every corner, and the air is so dusty you can hardly breath, and the simplicity of life you can see in the villages very quickly turns into poverty. People seem to be pretty much split in two groups regarding their attitude towards the mudzungos, or as some here say "white man who senselessly wanders the planet". Children and women wave and smile at you going through the streets (occassionally hold out their hands to beg for money), while the men either hiss at you (meaning you are very attractive and they would like to do something rude, if they could), or they give you nasty looks. Regarding the poverty in the cities I can nevertheless understand this attitude: according to studies every fifth Ugandan has HIV, and you get a bit shaken if you discover that the local shops in some villages sell coffins.
After leaving Kabale, we made it to Lake Bunyonyi. It is said to be 6500 feet deep, which would make it the second deepest lake in Africa. Set in between green hills with rock terraces, it is stunningly beautiful. I am camped at the shore and will remain here for two more nights, before we set off again. I have already been out on a canu, which is quite difficult to steer actually! Locals tend to make fun of white people who are going round in circles on the lake, calling it the 'mudzungo corkscrew'.
Love to everyone at home, you will here more from me shortly xxx


1st October 2007

Hi love, Even though i'm practically harassing you with texts and emails i though I'd add a comment to your blog, which everyone is enjoying. If i understand correctly you'll be headed back in the kampala direction next with a stopover at the bujugali falls. The Nile River in it's infancy! Plenty to do there i think so have a great time and tell all. Love you, Robin.

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