Black Back gorilla killed by poachers in Uganda's Bwindi Forest

Published: June 22nd 2011
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Mizano and LisaMizano and LisaMizano and Lisa

Gentle giant - understatement

Some very sad news just in from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Mizano, my favorite gorilla of all time has been tragically killed by poachers. Mizano belonged to the 20 strong Habinyanja gorilla group has killed in a poaching incident. It is the first incident whereby a gorilla has been killed by poachers since 1995.

Poachers had entered the forest with their dogs to hunt duiker and bush-pigs. Their dogs ran into the H group who naturally, defended their young and females. It is believed Mizano defended and was speared by the poachers in order to save their hunting dogs.

Whilst three of the poachers have been arrested, Mizano is dead. The "H" group have now moved very deep into the middle of the forest.

I am at a loss for words. Mizano was a gentle gorilla who enjoyed visitors coming to see him. What a sad loss this is to Bwindi Forest, the gorilla guides and scouts and all who has seen him in the past.

Always a character, always a gentle giant, you will be missed my friend. What a tragic loss for Bwindi.

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Mizano restingMizano resting
Mizano resting

Fantastic with visitors
Hows the faceHows the face
Hows the face

Sulking when he never got his own way

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