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July 20th 2005
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I’m traveling now with Dror - one of the Israelis I met in Tanzania few months ago.
Dror and I are like twins who got separated at birth - we have the same personality only exactly the opposite character….
So - we went to sipi falls. Beautiful spot - amazing views, mountains.
All I wanted to do is: sit on the balcony and watch the falls…
All he wanted to do is: go and swim in the falls - aka go hiking….
So - we decided that we’ll go and have some breakfast in the village and then - Dror will go hiking and I’ll sit on the balcony.
Since it was Sunday I put on my best shirt (best = almost clean t-shirt, 50% of the t-shirts I have) and my sandals and went to “town” to discover that on Sunday, there is no breakfast for us everything was closed. …
We started walking around and by “accident” found ourselves hiking….
It was beautiful, not exactly my cup of tea but amazing.
Of course, when we got to the rock climbing and ladders I started to feel like - its great view but where is the “national geographic” team who’ll bring the movie to my balcony so I could really enjoy it??

And then - the best thing happened - it started raining….
And u know what happened to mud when its gets rainy - it all became slippery. by that point, I really really hated it…
I took my sandals off and continued hiking. barefoot.
Another important issue: if u remember, it was FALLS so we were on the mountains. I don’t know how high they are but for sure taller then I am and shorter then the Kilimanjaro but still - looking down is not an option…
So - u should all picture me - barefoot, wet, muddy, cursing, frightened with 3 thoughts on my mind:
1. Which news will have the best headline about this stupid tourist who’s going hiking barefoot in the rain
2. What will I tell my father (in case I’ll survive this day)
3. What will I tell Shlomit about my pedicure???
The questions are not by importance…

As we all know I've survived. the 2 days after this one involved a little uneasy pain in my body - only in the area between my eyes and my feet. And

Anna has no idea how she looks. When I showed her photos of her or the other kids, she didn't recognize herself. Imagine that: she is 5 years old and have never seen her face...
only when I move (including this annoying breathing thing….
But - I’m o.k. now and a short lesson to all of you:
always be prepared for hiking!!! Even on you think you are on your way to have an innocent breakfast!!!

me, the survivor....

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