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January 15th 2016
Published: January 15th 2016
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Apparently the water levels never change on this part of the Nile due to a dam upstream. So no worries about these rains down in Africa. I heard the Zambezi was the best and I also heard the White Nile in Uganda was the best for commercial white water rafting. Soooooo I already did the Zambezi at the beginning of this tour and now its time to compare. Everything started off the same way; breakfast, briefing, getting the gear. There was no hike down a canyon this time though (thank god) and we did our practice paddling in the calm water. I got a shock when I asked how many rapids we would be doing when our Kiwi guide said 8 because the Zambezi had 19 named rapids and 10 unnamed….woa. I don’t even know how people thought this river could even begin to compare…Buuuuut I was ever hopeful that maybe the rapids would be different and equally scary/fun! The first one was actually a class 5 and I, again, got a shock that we would start off with the hardest level! The peeps in our raft were quite timid about every single rapid and I think because of that the anticipation of each one had me shaking in my shorts. “We don’t wanna flip!” was the mantra for some reason but we never actually flipped and I only barely fell out once. The right side of the raft launched in the air so I was on the bottom and the guy across from me was on top and somehow I just fell out but still hung on so it was easy to get back in. All three of the people on the left side went for a dip so I know it wasn’t any kind of my fault, just physics in the end we made it through all the rapids just fine and I really liked the guides shades so I bought them off his face. Haha. Back at the campground there was a tradition of doing a shot while hanging upside down from a kayak tied to the ceiling. Hard to get in, but once there I could have stayed for a while. The record for most upside down shots went to our guide last xmas with 13. I had a long sip of beer. Hahaha….Adventurous! The next morning we were up early for the last longest drive of the trip…We finally arrived quite jaded at Lake Nakuru too late to eat dinner with the orphans. An Aussie guy started an orphanage there and then built a luxury resort next to it as a retirement thingy. We were supposed to have dinner with the kids and take some of them home maybe? Idk, but we were late and ate at the resort instead. Then we had a few drinks to celebrate Lauren’s bday. The next morning we had a game drive around the salt water lake and saw many of the same animals as all other game drives. Some people opted not to go, some hired a driver and went in a van, but the rest of us took the ATC vehicle and drove around. All fine by me cuz I had the whole back seat to stretch out and sleep in! When the bus stopped, I would wake up, snap a few pics, and go back to sleep. My kind of game drive! Hahaha. Nothing much else to tell about Nakuru, just looking towards the finally. Its almost here!!!

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