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February 14th 2012
Published: February 14th 2012
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In January 2012 a small group of International explorers ventured into Uganda with one specific goal and that was to experience some of the most insane white water rafting known on the planet. One Scottish, one Icelandic and four Australians led by their Zimbabwean guide. This intrepid band of adventurers threw themselves at the awesome might of the White Nile and survived!

Our group was picked up from the Nile River Explorers Camp in Jinja and driven to the rafting site, we got kitted out with crash helmets and lifejackets and received a full safety briefing and practical demonstrations of what to do "IF" we ended up in the river, as if that was ever not going to be an option! Our Zimbabwean guide Doug was excellent and managed to mould our disorganised rabble into a reasonably slick co-ordinated team, we even managed to paddle in unison occasionaly, only striking oars a few times, we set off down a deceptively calm river Nile and I was thinking this is very peaceful, but that was a very short lived emotion, up ahead I could hear the increasing roar of white water and see the foaming outline of broken water on the horizon. Doug gave us instructions to paddle or rest as the current dictated and guided us through our first rapids section, our boat flipped over and we were all ejected into the foaming churning water. I was glad that happened straight away as it took all the apprehension away.

Very impressed to see how professional and adept the safety support crews were in their small armada of kayaks and dinghys, pulling oars and bodies to safety to regroup for the attempt on the next rapid.

A great day out with the best rafting company on the river, finished off in true style with beers and food at the end! This was my first experience white water rafting and I loved every moment of it, I hope it won't be the last! I strongly urge you if you ever get the opportunity, try this activity, give it a go, probably the most exhilirating thrilling thing I have done in my life! Never felt more alive afterwards! Grade 5 attitude for a grade 5 river!

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14th February 2012

Great souvenirs!
Did Jinja few years ago, sadly, they have built the dam since than, and you've missed one or two crazy rapids...which are no more... If you want to go what's next, try the Zambezi, it left me with even a better souvenir than Jinja...well...except that crazy rapid that you start in the middle of it...and were you did flip as well as we did...what a souvenir!

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