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February 3rd 2011
Published: February 3rd 2011
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Work from 8 till 16 in an air conditioned office with a bunch of young professionals eager to put their ideas into action? NOT HERE. We wake up as early as the roosters start to crow and without even thinking of having breakfast we focus on work. Many things to plan, organize, write, prepare, think through and talk over! We’ve been thrown in at the deep end. The organization is quite young so it doesn’t have any structure. The responsibility for drawing up the statute, introducing policies and dividing competences among the bodies of organization forces me to treat this work very seriously. Carl’s work isn’t much easier – on one hand he works on issues linked to budget and on the other – he tries to create a business model.
How is everything going? Not with ease… especially because we need to respect the laidback African lifestyle.…kids are running around, telly is always on and the people here simply love talking! They love talking about ideas, hopes, missions, visions, love of God…..And we politely sit and listen…… and listen… and listen. Questions with simple answers yes or no don’t exist. It explains why every Ugandan child wants to be a politician, doctor or lawyer…. And somehow nobody wants to be a businessman. Conclusion – never ask them questions!
To be honest – only one thing motivates us to work - Kids. Kids with whom we’re living – who take care of us, are quick to laugh and love to be hugged. And kids who come to our house asking for help. Orphans, HIV positive, extremely poor without smile or any chance to get an education. Our organization still cannot afford sponsoring more children on their funds. Even our kids don’t have sponsors to pay for their clothing, food or school fees. That’s the thing. Our goal is to make sure the organization can stand on its feet and develop itself.
But of course - we cannot let emotions take advantage of us …… at the end of the day, exhausted we head to the village … meet locals, loose orientation in the noise of the buzzing town market and enjoy never-ice-cold beer. This’s what brings us alive – far away from papers we can finally rest and joke around and act like the spoiled Europeans that we are 😊

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