I got OWNED by the Nile River!!

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January 28th 2007
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The Nile RiverThe Nile RiverThe Nile River

Do I really need to say anything about the Nile?
So I did end up doing the full day white water rafting, it was AMAZING!!!!! It's been four days and i'm STILL sore!! But it's awesome, a pain that i worked for :o) I have bruises all over my knees and shins, a nasty burn on my shoulders, and just about every muscle in my body hurts, not to mention i think I managed to sprain my ankle and thumb - wheeeee! Seriously though, it was so cool. I would do it again in a heartbeat! (now that i'm somewhat recovered of course)

There are no pictures of the actual rafting, for the obvious reason that I couldn't take my camera onto the rapids. Even if i'd had a waterproof camera - it would have gotten lost for sure! I only fell out of the raft once, which i'm seriously proud of, and our raft never actually flipped over which was nice because that's when you get stuck in the rapids wondering what the hell just happened.... even when i did fall it, it felt like eons that i was under the water. But when you surface, there are safety kayaks that come flying out of god knows where and rescue you. Not that you really NEED to be rescued, because by that time you've travelled about 250m down river and are out of the rapids. God it was so cool!! Definitely the experience of a lifetime!

At one lazy point the river we got to jump in and just float along the Nile... and we had a nice fruit and cookie lunch on our rafts.... truely amazing. So, i got burnt... and then after that the sun went away, the thunder started up and god help me i swear it was hailing! It hurt so much, and we were all shivering like mad. But then we came up to the rapid, flew in, and when the first big wave washed over us we were like "ahhhh nice!" because the water was so warm!

Okay i'm sorry this post is a bit of a jumble but i'm in a hurry here so if you want to know more about white water rafting, i'll get back to you on that, but for now i gotta go! I'm in Nairobi for the next 3 days then its off to the Serengetti - cant wait!

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The celebrationThe celebration
The celebration

These guys, Connor from Ireland and Caroline from New Zealand, are playing some air guitar! :oD
The celebrationThe celebration
The celebration

Nothing beats drinking beers in the open back of a truck!

29th January 2007

truly amazing
Janine, I have read your blogs with so much amazement and have eagerly waited for your next entry every time. I am sure you are well aware of how lucky your are to have experienced all that. Back here the winter has finally set in, as I am sure you've heard. It will be quite the shock when you get back ...not only physically but emotionally you'll feel a big hole for a while. We have missed you and when you get back, it would be great if you could pop in when I am home to discuss your journey in person. Kita will be very happy to see you again. Enjoy the last bit while you are there and have a safe trip home. Cheers!

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