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July 1st 2006
Published: June 30th 2006
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Well we made it to uganda after a very interesting bus experience. Apparently in Africa they don't give you directions, they just unload you off the bus in the middle of the night and drive away! Luckily we were able to follow the people in front of us because otherwise we would have never found our way! We're now in a small town outside of Kampala called Entebbe working at the Uganda Wildlife and Education Centre. It's a really neat place because they have created a zoo, but entirely from animals that were orphaned or rescued from poachers. It's much hotter here than in Nairobi. We're sleeping on top of our sleeping bags because it's way too hot to sleep inside. I couldn't even imagine what their summers are like because it's winter here right now and it's probably close to 30C.

So far my african experience has been an interesting one. I have found it much harder to adjust to life here than when I've travelled previously but I think we're getting the hang of things 😊 It is much nicer being out of the big city. People are very friendly here and it is not unusual for people to greet you on the street and ask how you are before they carry on their way.

I will be out of contact for a few weeks as we travel to Makerere University to take a wildlife course with the students and then with the professor to Queen Elizabeth National Park to do some lion radio telemetry work. It should be a really fantastic experience and it will be nice to spend a bit of time in the same place!

Hope everyone is still doing well, thanks for the e-mail updates and keep them coming! Even if I'm not responding I'm reading e-mails regularly and it's really nice to hear how everyone is doing.

Will write soon, Happy Canada Day!!!


30th June 2006

Happy Canada Day to you, too! It definately sounds like the smaller towns are the place to be. I can't say it enough - can't WAIT to see your photos. :) Miss you lots.
1st July 2006

happy Canada Day!
Hi Michelle We're off this afternoon, so didn't make it to Parlament Hill. Danielle goes this evening for the party and the fireworks. Seems odd not spending the day with the family, wandering through the crowds and looking at the dark sky (yeah, thunderstorms as per tradition!) to see if we need to find shelter, perhaps under the washroom building eves! Have a great one! Enjoy your time in the field, take care, and keep in touch where possible! Love ya!
2nd July 2006

Happy Canada Day!!
Hey Michelle!! I'm so glad everything is going well for you. It sounds like you are having an awesome time, and I can't wait to hear more when you are home!! Nothing much happening here... Bankie is his usual crazy self. He managed to get out onto the fire-escape, but he just sort of "hung out" out there. He needs you to give him some more behavioral therapy. Looking forward to your next entry. Have an awesome time, and don't waste a minute of it, do everything and see everything you possibly can!! Love ya, Mayr
13th July 2006

Michelle, I want a picture of a giraffe. :)

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