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November 4th 2011
Published: November 7th 2011
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We got back for our evening meeting in which we celebrated the purchase of the new building and started planning for when we will move into the building and what we can buy to get building and set up. Our original intention was to try move into the school before we left on the 1st of December but what Meg and I didn’t realise is that is Ugandan’s school year runs from January 16th to mid-November. This means that our school will finish mid-November for 2 months! We have plans now to open officially mid-January ready for the new school year.

We have lots of work to be getting on with, hopefully now a bit more building and hands on work. We need to put in metal doors, windows, cement out the back for kids to play on, small gates and lots of painting. And with every project there are always costs that were not taking into consideration before so we continue to work out what we can buy right away and what we can do without for the mean time.

Websites, a logo, charity status, student profiles, sponsorship packages, building and the last week of teaching are all things we need to continue to do and as ever we continue to look forward to all these aspects of our new life we have found ourselves in.

We have another weekend in Jinja to look forward to on the weekend of the 12th and 13th but currently we both need a lot of rest trying to get over the heat, sunburn, tiredness, flared tonsils and dodgy knees (not Megs don’t worry).


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