Day 51/60- Chillin' in Kampala

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March 3rd 2006
Published: March 9th 2006
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After getting settling in at the Blue Mango, a place known for it's soothing atmosphere, I went around the compound to take in the sites. It's really a very relaxing place with a beautiful garden and Safari Hut-Style lounge area, you just feel like chillin' and not running around town site-seeing. So that's exactly what I did! I had intended to make stay busy, to make the most of my short 3 days here and realized my body was planning for otherwise. It wasn't until I sat in the TV room and had a soda that I really noticed my ankle. After "Killin Kili" and riding over 14 hours on one bus my left ankle wasn't too happy. I knew I injured it somehow on the Kilimanjaro climb, but didn't realize that all the walking I did around Nairobi would have aggravated it so much. It's now so swollen I can't wear my walking shoes, so I'm going around Kampala in flip-flops. What a sight!
I went out today to see Kubogo and Ntinda the areas near the hotel then decided to have lunch at a local restaurant before returning. It was quite interesting. I asked to try some of the items that would go with the goat stew and got a plate of about 6 different side dishes. Cassava, sweet potato, yam, banana, rice, and ugali. It was very interesting indeed.


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