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March 3rd 2006
Published: March 3rd 2006
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It seemed like a good idea to take n overnight bus to Uganda because of savings and more time spent sightseeing during the daylight, but it wasn't so simple. Crossing into Uganda, was even more confusing than crossing into Kenya from Tanzania. Once you are let ouit of the bus in front of the Kenyan immigration office, you have to make your way to the other side of the border. That wouldn't have been such a difficulty if it weren't pitch-black outside. To make the transition worst, the Kenyan border is open 24hours, but the Ugandan border opens at 5:30am. So we wait in the dark between 30min to an hour. Man, I think I need to either improve my night-vision or get the sleep out of my eyes because when the lights in the office came on, I realized that a line had formed and it was like 3 buses deep! But, it was cool. They were really fast and we were on the bus within 30 minutes or so of the office opening.
Arriving into Kampala, we were greeted with heavy showers. Again this is great for land, but bad when you have to figure your way around. The coolest thing here are the motorbike-cabs. You just hop on the back for less than 1/2 the regualr cab fare. You see the city better and you save money. What I would have given for a picture of me riding through town in the rain on the bike! Carrying my backpack, a carry-all and a plastic bag full of Kenyan souvenoirs/food and all 4 meters of my Kili walking stick, sticking from my back. To top off the look, I was sporting a Nakumatt plastic grocery bag over my head to protect my fresh hairdo. It was a sight!!!!!


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