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June 17th 2007
Published: June 17th 2007
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After an emotional departure from the airport, Amy and I boarded flight 1 to Amsterdam. Flight was solid, no worries. Met Eric, Genora and Linda in Amsterdam and sat back with them for a while getting to know them better. I was feeling real agitated for some reason, not sure why. Raveesh showed up some time later and Candace barely made it due to her flight being stopped because of a medical emergency. Anyways, we all flew down to Nairobi and slept the entire flight. We then jumped aboard our flight to Entebbe and got there fine, just without Candace’s trunks. We were greeted by a host of characters who were very joyous to welcome us. We learned that they were all members of Lahash (the organization we are with: in some way. A guy named Emmanuel Lasu was running the show. As we found out later he is a signed record label singer and all out funny guy. We also met Edwin Angote, who is the regional director for Lahash. He is stationed in Kibera, Kenya, where I will be starting in January, but has joined us for the travels to check in on everything and make sure things are running smoothly. He is a very kind hearted guy, someone I will enjoy spending six months with. Finally we met Mama Susan who is responsible for all of the Lahash coordination in Africa. She is an incredible woman who has overcome obstacles that would defeat most people. After our greetings we boarded a minivan in route to Kampala, Uganda. Mama Susan has a small orphanage home for about fifteen kids who have HIV or need strict medical attention. She never planned to open it but circumstances forced her to begin it and since then more and more kids have been coming in. As we prepared for sleep, my mind began racing with ideas…I know this wont be the end either.


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