Photos from Tunisia, Africa

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An Overview of Our 2 Days of Travels
Wattos shop Episode 1  & Phantom Menace
Views in the Oasis
This is Called Camel Neck - A Site Used in Films
Saw Various Modes of Transportation
Yes, Thunderstorms Come Quickly in the Desert
Left Hotel at 4:30AM & Saw the Sunrise
The Roads In Tunisia Include Toll Roads
Patterns in the Sand
Miles and Miles of Red Sand
A Few Areas of the Salt Pans Had Water
Stayed Overnight at the Sahara Douz Hotel
The Saddle, A Close Up of the Camel
A Few Episodes of Star Wars Filmed Here
A Few Pockets of Green in the Matamata Hills
The Hills in the Matamata Area of Tunisia
Lunch Was In an Enjoyable Place
Leaving the Oasis and Back to the Surrounding Desert
The Oldest Mosque is Tunisia is in Kairouran
Walking the Streets in Kairouan
The Jeep Rides into the Desert Were Wild
Realistic on the Outside
More Green with More Land Given to Agriculture
Kairouan Is Known for Its Rugs
Garlic Is Definitely in Season
Goats & Sheep Dot the Fields Here
An Artistic Shot of Bob's Looking into a Well
A Small Desert Fox
Noticed Him at the Hotel
One of the Guides in the Sahara Desert
Trying to Get a Shot of All of Us in Our "Desert Garb"
Left the Marina at 5:30 AM to catch the bus
Next Mode of Transportation - a Carriage Ride
First Stop Was at El Jem
Took Time to Walk Through the Town at El Jem
A Few Views at El Jem
Driving Through a Dust Storm
Hard to See, But Tsamaya Was Covered in Red Dust
In Kairouan - Finally Back to Finding Door Knockers!
Irrigation Used in the Oasis
Flower of the Pomegranate Tree
Climbing a Tree to Get Dates Off the Tree
Anyone Wonder What the Moon Might Look Like?
The Lighting in the Desert Was Perfect
The Vastness of the Sahara Desert
Looking Back From Where We Had Come From
We Were Asked "Should We Go Over it?"
More Irrigation to get Water to the Plantings
The Bus Was a Comfortable One for the 2 Day Trip
View at the Salt Lake - Chott el Jerid
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