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Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 18th 2019

When most think of a romantic, exotic, French-influenced, North African getaway, the country that most immediately comes to mind is Morocco. But the more famous the place, the more touristy it is and after my average and somewhat dramatic Moroccan experience, I think that I may have found a credible alternative; a place with the medinas, the French, the Arabic, the desert and the beaches, sans all of the hassle; Tunisia. Back in Berlin, life seemed to be all falling into place. By this stage, I had now built up a bit more of a financial base, I was settled into my job and I had just moved into my own apartment in one of the most desired areas to live in Berlin - I almost didn’t want to leave. After three years of travelling and ... read more
Bardo Museum
Antonin Baths
Sidi Bou Said

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage September 1st 2018

Our 2ndday trip took us north as the ultimate goal for the day was to go to the historic town of Carthage with the same driver, Alaya, and Kathy and Jim from SV Inishnee. It was another full day of learning more about the country and its people with a glimpse of cities and the countryside in the north. We also saw some of the development of a country that received its independence from France 60 years ago is still growing. We drove through the town of Sousse which is a modern city with plenty of new buildings still being built and all the trappings of any large city back in the US. Continuing north the landscape became quite green with plenty of orchards filled with olive and almond trees as well as fields of grass ... read more
On The Way to Cathage Went Through Sousse
The Road System In Tunisia is Excellent
Someone Was Selling Fresh Flat Bread

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage February 19th 2018

Monday February 19 - I so did not get a good sleep last night. I felt like I was up most of the night. It was so cold and I could not get warm. Finally at 4:00 I put on my fleece jacket and that helped, but man, so cold. I popped some earplugs in at 5am, as I knew the others would be getting up and leaving by 7:00, and I did not wake up until 7:45, which was good. Then again, it got me a late start on the day. At 9:00 I left to find the metro. Well, it is above ground so it is really a tram. I asked a few times and people kept pointing me in the right direction. It was odd having no map. It took about 10 minutes ... read more
Carthage museum
Carthage museum
Carthage Cathedral of St. Louis

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis February 18th 2018

Sunday February 18, 2018 - I had a pretty relaxed start to the day, eating all of the fruit I had brought with me on the trip for breakfast. I changed my airport shuttle to 9:30 instead of 10:00, as I started to get nervous that the airport would be crowded and I didn’t know how long it would take me to get through security. The day was cloudy, almost misty, not quite as “nice” as yesterday’s cloudy day. When I checked in, there were not many people in front of me and the flight was delayed by 30 minutes anyway, so there had been no need to rush. I walked towards security and there was a sort of organized chaos, moving up to one of those machines you have to scan to get through. Security ... read more
I think this was part of the Bardo museum
Razor wire fences

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 23rd 2015

This morning we left Sfax and drove to the city of El Djem in order to see the ancient Roman ruins. The museum has some well-done and well-preserved mosaics (see picture), but the major sight here is the amphitheater (see picture). It was the third largest of the entire Roman world and could seat up to 30,000 spectators. (The Coliseum in Rome was the largest.) They primarily had wild animal fights in El Djem, but some gladiatorial combat occurred, too. For lunch I had two items that are typical of Tunisan fare: barley soup and brik (see picture). You can guess what the first one is, although it can be a little spicy, and the second one is a piece of filo dough that is wrapped around a raw egg, then deep fried until the egg ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 17th 2015

I was unable to download the pictures from my camera, so the next two blog entries will be picture-less. I'm sorry about that, but am hopeful that I will get the connection back on track tomorrow. Today was our first full tour day and we covered a lot to sights. Our first destination was a walk through the souk (traditional Arab market) located in the heart of the old part of Tunis. While some of our group shopped for souvenirs, I sat down to have a coffee. Our tour bus then took us to the other side of town to visit the Bardo Museum. It is famous for its huge collection of mosaics from the Roman world. North Africa was part of the Roman Empire and many of the floor and wall mosaics have survived from ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 15th 2015

This morning I woke up in Paris, France and tonight I am going to bed in Tunis, Tunisia. Tunisia was a "protectorate" of France between 1881 and 1956, so French is the second language here after Arabic. But to get back to this morning, I took one final walk across the Seine to see Notre Dame cathedral, then collected my bags, checked out of the hotel, and caught the train to the airport. Three years ago I flew out of Charles Degaulle airport and Air France has "upgraded" its check-in process since then. I had to navigate through crowds of passengers to use the kiosk to check in, print and tag my own luggage, weigh my suitcase, put it on the conveyer belt, and find my way to the security lines. I miss the old days ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis September 22nd 2013

Geo: 36.7899, 10.21The Tunisia National Museum and city centre bazaar and marketplace. These were todays activities on our last day in North Africa. Again, we had little option but to take the dreaded taxi. It was a similar arrangement to yesterday, a driver arranged with the hotel who would pick us up and drop us off at each location, and return us back in due course. It was a little more expensive than yesterday, caused mainly by a longer drive to reach the museum. Overall, the day was not as enjoyable as yesterday. Less history and impressive things to look at, alot of haggling and a driver that spoke even less English. Todays driver Othman, still did a good job, but there was little room for small talk or charades. We discovered we had better chance ... read more
Nat Bardo
Bardo Museum
Aurelius and Claudius

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage September 21st 2013

Geo: 36.8565, 10.3306What a fantastic day in Tunisia. Carthage was the centre of the Carthaginian Empire in antiquity. The city has existed for nearly 3,000 years, developing from a Phoenician colony of the 1st millennium BC into the capital of an ancient empire. This city was a major draw card in my decision to visit Tunisia. We had hoped the ruins might be walking or public transport distance from our hotel, but alas it didn't really seem to be the case. The hotel recommended we do a tour with a cab. Oh boy, here comes rip off city. Fortunately this wasn't the case. We had a great day out thanks to the guidance of our Tunisian cab driver come guide, Nourah. The hotel recommended him as their best English speaking guide. His English vocabulary and understanding ... read more
Nat Roman Ampitheatre
Roman Ampitheatre
Roman Ampitheatre

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 14th 2013

Strahlende Sonne weckte uns an diesem Sonntag Morgen, und durch die Fenster drangen nur dumpf die paar Geräusche, die ein gehobenes Wohnviertel am Sonntag so von sich gibt. Zum Glück hatten wir zwei ganze Tage Puffer in Tunis eingeplant, bevor die Fähre wieder zurückfahren würde. Was wir in diesen zwei Tagen anstellen würden, hatten wir allerdings noch nicht so recht durchdacht, und so wuschen wir erst einmal unsere ganze staubige Dreckwäsche im Innenhof. Bei einem landestypischen Nescafé rief ich dann auf gut Glück bei Amine an. Das war ein Couchsurfer, dessen Profil uns sehr gut gefallen hatte (Medizinstudent, Hobbyfotograf, Aktivist...), der uns aber leider wegen Überbelegung seiner Couch absagen musste. Dennoch hatte er uns gebeten, ihm Bescheid zu sagen, wenn wir in Tunis sind, damit wir uns treffen könnten. Per SMS erfuhren wir, er sei mit ... read more

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