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May 14th 2011
Published: May 20th 2011
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We crossed borders and are enjoying the spoils of Mediterranean life: gorgeous weather, gorgeous views and gorgeous communities. Years ago when we were dreaming youngsters, Kyle and I said we planned to have a retirement home in Tunisia. Who knew a couple of 20-somethings could be so smart? Who wouldn't want to retire here?

After only days of wandering around Tunis, Kyle deided it was one of his favorite cities of all-time! That says a lot!

To be honest, we were a bit nevervous to leave Algeria because we were having so much fun and wondered if Tunisia could match-up with their neighbor!

We wandered the maze-like alleyways of the old Medina and probably photographed 100 different doors (sounds stupid, I know). Every turn of a corner produces postcard worthy beauty. We ate like kings in the small kiosks where local men were serving shwarmas, rostiserri chicken, fries, paninis, Tunisian salads and the like. I even found a vendor selling fresh popcorn!

Dad sipped 25cent coffee with the locals while Kyle and I shopped. Tourism is very low right now and the shopkeeps are feeling it. It really tugs at your heart strings, which means it then tugs at your purse strings!! Prices are low and we know the idea is to negotiate for lower prices, but it is too much to negotiate over a few dollars when you know how the economy has been so effected.

We wandered out to Carthage to see the Roman ruins, but after the magnificent ruins we saw in Jordan we were disappointed. The sea views helped make up for the subpar sites. The weather has been perfect--warm with a hot African sun tempered by Mediterrean breezes. Locals have been wearing jackets and coats, I have been wearing sleeve-less shirts (when I don't need to be mindful of modesty).

After Carthage, Kyle's love of fashion took us to La Marsa for some mall-style shopping. He did not find anything, so no new suits for Lawyer Boy! Sad for him, good for the bank account!

Went spent the rest of the day at the incredibly beautiful and somewhat up-scale Sidi BouSaid. The deep blue Mediterranean against the signature white architecture really made us question why we live in the middle of America, but the price of freshly squeezed fruit juice ensures we will return to the States! (I have developed quite a liking of fresh strawberry juice and Alec Baldwin can't resist the fresh OJ!)

Thanks for the comments. We appreciate them! Hope to keep sending out blogs if we can come to an agreement with the technology struggles, language barriers and crazy keyboards!

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20th May 2011

We are enjoying your blog sooooooo much!!!! Thanks for sharing.
20th May 2011

I, too, love photographing doors. One never tires of the vibrant blue color. Tunis was my destination 30+ years ago - spring break from teaching in Naples, IT. I also was enamored by this city.

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