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Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia November 18th 2010

The final leg of our trip took us from our home in La Marsa up the coast towards Cap Farina and beyond. We had seen some of the area from the comfort of a taxi and curiosity got the better of us! Just half a mile from where we live is a big salt lake, Sebkhet Arina, which seperates us from the city of Tunis and the airport. There we were able to get a good look at the flocks of flamingoes currently residing there. Russ tried a bit of overambitious photography too with the binoculars and the camera combined! It was good but the ground was too soft to get much closer and we had to avoid the attentions of a helicopter spraying who knows what on the vegetation. We think it may be mosquito ... read more
Crop spraying helicopter

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia November 14th 2010

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We will remember them." 11 November is a date which will always remain special to those who have served in the Armed Forces and to those associated through family and friends. Wherever we are, we try to attend a remembrance service and this year we travelled down to the small town of Enfidha, an hour or so South of Tunis, where the British Embassy had organised a ceremony at the British Commonwealth Cemetery. The sun shone for us too, which is apparently quite different to last year. Enfidha has a very large cemetery, much bigger than the ones we saw last year at Ras ... read more
British Commonwealth Graves
Children learn to remember
Two Unknown Canadian Airmen

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia November 14th 2010

After visiting the French cemetery at Takrouna, we drove up the steep narrow roads to the top of the hill. The old village is well worth the trip even if it's only for the amazing views of the local countryside. We wandered around the streets at the top, steering clear of the occasional donkey, and ended up at the Roche Bleu cafe at the summit. It was wonderful up there and, although there's not really that much to see, we are pleased we made the effort. The cafe was full of bikers but they were quite well behaved!!!! On our way back to Hammamet we stopped for lunch at one of the roadside barbecue restaurants. It was really nice but they tried to rip us off. It was very expensive even after we got 25% knocked ... read more
Surrounding Countryside
Amazing Views
Little Donkey

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia April 20th 2010

À Gabriel, Joffroy, Antoine et tous ceux qui s'intéressent à La guerre des étoiles. Tel que dit antérieurement, plusiseurs séquences de Star Wars ont été tournées en Tunisie. Les décors ont été religieusement conservés, notamment dans le désert près de Tozeur (notre promenade en 4x4 nous y a conduits) et dans le petit village de Matmata, visité samedi. On peut relever quelques clins d'oeil tunisiens à travers les productions cinématographiques, dont : - Le personnage de Jar Jar Binks semble inspiré du Fenec, petit animal du désert, dont on a fait ici la mascotte de la propreté et de l'environnement. On voit partout sa représentation aux abords des villes de toute la Tunisie. Tout le monde dans l'autobus cherchait à apercevoir l'un d'eux lors de nos passages dans le désert, mais peu y sont parvenus. Ma ... read more
5ième film, à Matmata
Charles Skywalker

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia April 13th 2010

Départ à 8h. Avant de quitter la chambre, nous avons admiré une dernière fois la magnifique vue sur la Méditerranée et sur le fort génois que nous apercevions de notre balcon. Nous avons encore ce matin contourné le parc national d’Ichkeul, dans les Atlas, région verdoyante et forestière qui abrite pas moins de 180 espèces d’oiseaux migrateurs. Nous avons emprunté cette fois une route sinueuse grimpant toujours et encore, jusqu’à ce que nous ayons la tête dans les nuages (autour de 800m d’altitude). Nous avons fait notre premier arrêt à Bulla Regia (La Royale), ville où se situait le palais royal numide, avant la conquête romaine. Aux IIe et IIIe siècles, les romains l’ont transformée en riche cité, comme en font foi les vestiges d’immenses maisons à 2 étages, dont un en sous-sol, pourvu de puits ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia January 30th 2010

The journey from Nabeul to Kelibia took us further up Cap Bon through some nice countryside. Once we got to Kelibia we were a little disappointed though. From the guidebook it sounded like a quaint little fishing village with a fortress built high on the hill above. In reality the town centre was quite busy and pretty much like any other town centre in the region. We walked along the road out towards the port and the fortress. On the way we called in at all of the hotels (3 of them!) hoping to find a decent price for one night. Sadly the prices were non-negotiable and the only cheap hotel was full! Instead we decided to have a brief look around and head off to Hammamet for the night. The port was not particularly attractive ... read more
Kelibia Port
Legoland restaurant

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia August 18th 2008

Louage: (n) a six or eight person taxi; a ubiquitous form of transportation in Tunisia. Also, Stacey's place of residence during most of her sejour. Since Tozeur, I have continued my whirlwind trip of the south. I've driven across the Chott el Jerid, a dried up salt lake... where Luke contemplated the two moons on his home planet in "A New Hope." Yup, I'm still geeking out. I've sprinted through Saharan sand dunes. Myself and 6 other people spent a night under the stars in the desert, riding out on camelback and having a lovely after lunch-snack of sand on the way. However, by nighttime, the wind was perfect, the scarab beetles were rare, and the moon was being eclipsed. It was actually a truly awe-inspiring and breathtaking night. I did, however, have to field off ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia January 29th 2008

the Crazy Writings of: Snow White Did you miss me? I know I did! We have just gotten back from a week of travel around this fabulous land, and I'm just regaining the ability to speak. Since we missed two weeks here, I have to backtrack. (Bess Davis, another student on the trip, has a blog on check it out!) JAN 14th: Exploration of Tunis We ran amok around the capital Tunis aujourd'hui, and it was fantastic. The medina, or Old City, is in the center of town and surrounded by an ancient stone wall. It,s full of crazy twisty turns, stalls of art, pottery, clothes, scarves, jewelry, hidden cafes and a mosque at every corner. And you are never allowed to forget the souk-owners themselves, oh boy! "allemagne? italia? angle-terre? russich?" non, america. "ah ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia March 8th 2007

Travelling: Johanna, Reetta and me. Route: Nancy-Paris Est, Paris CDG-Monastir, Monastir-Sousse. A semi-serious idea made with friends on New Year's Eve became reality, and so I found myself once again from CDG looking forward to a warm African sun. My friends were supposed to join me from Finland after one and half days in Sousse. Before landing to Monastir, the weather got suddenly really bad. The massive dark clouds seemed never to end, but I really couldn't expect that kind of strong wind and rain I faced when got myself out from the plane. Anyway, was really excited to be in a whole new continent all by myself. Was not really prepared that well, had no idea how I would get to Sousse. It was really dark already, and at the airport I asked the ... read more
Colosseum de El Djem
On the streets of Sousse

Africa » Tunisia » The east of Tunisia September 10th 2005

Después de un viaje por Túnez. (Versión en español). Después de un viaje por Túnez, querría compartir las sensaciones experimentadas, algunas fotografías, y sacar algunas conclusiones. Por supuesto, también es una buena ocasión para dejar en el aire algunas ideas que podrían ser aprovechables por quienes tuviesen previsiones de un viaje por aquellos lugares. Seguramente sea un poco fuera de lo común el que me llamase la atención el hecho de tantos vestigios encontrados de civilizaciones que en su momento fueron localizadas en la mente en lugares distantes de aquellos, sobre todo teniendo en cuenta el significado de “cercano y lejano” en aquellas fechas remotas. Está en los libros, hemos pasado por eso hace años, insistiendo una y otra vez en los pasajes famosos de la historia antigua que quedaron retenidos en la memoria, y que ... read more

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