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Africa » Tunisia » Sousse February 21st 2018

Wednesday February 21 - Another night without much sleep. I just can’t sleep well in new places, and it’s always a new place. I hear everything. After breakfast we left for Sousse, which is just a few kilometers away. We are staying at one of those all inclusive resorts on the beach a few miles from town, so we couldn’t just walk in. Don’t get too excited - my room is nice, but it’s only about $25 with breakfast and dinner. It was chilly when we arrived but warmed up throughout the day. At least I thought so. I peeled down to a t-shirt at times whereas the locals were all in their puffy coats and winter jackets. Sousse is mostly medina - old town surrounded by a wall - and it is quite large. We ... read more
Sousse near Ribat
Sousse Ribat
Sousse Ribat

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse » Port El Kantaoui October 1st 2013

We rolled off the ferry in another continent. The ride from the northern-most part of Africa to the most southern stretched out ahead of us, a blank canvas of potential. Jaap and Fre were stamped through the border in about 2 minutes each. It took me 3 hours. For some reason as a New Zealander I needed a visa. A mysterious and protracted immigration process culminated in me being presented with a full page visa, complete with a photo of me in green. The Indelible Hulk. Morsi had invited us to his family home in Sousse, so we headed south, and were treated to half a dozen incredible dishes cooked by his mum. Their hospitality blew us away. Morsi, you're a good dude. We went for a beer after dinner, and checked out a crazy hotel ... read more
Me, Morsi, Jaap, and Fre.
Djerba camp
Star Wars country

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse September 30th 2011

So, it's been almost 2 years since we first arrived in Tunisia, and it's time to say goodbye. After finishing work, we headed down to Sousse where we rented a friend's apartment for a month. What a month! We didn't do a lot. We went to the beach, swam, got stung by jellyfish, drank lots of coffee, went out for some wonderful meals and caught up with some good friends. We also had visitors! That meant a return to Monsatir and yet more eating and drinking. Yes, it was a good month!!!! Saying goodbye is never easy but it goes with the job. If you move on every year or so, you are always saying goodbye, but it never gets any easier. We will miss Tunisia and all of our friends. Our thoughts will be with ... read more
Post-revolution Graffiti
Sousse Medina
Sousse Fish Market

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse September 13th 2011

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse May 21st 2011

After telling our Canadian goodbye as he left for the airport, dad and I hopped in the car with our new driver and took off down the coast of Tunisia. We drove through small villages and saw a lot of agriculture along our way, including wheat harvest, vineyards, fruit trees and herds of sheep/goats. The countryside is beautiful and some of the estates remind us of France. After driving only a couple of hours, we stopped in Sousse to spend the night. We are staying on the beach with incredible views. We found an old 4 star hotel--paid about 25 dollars each for ocean view suite that included breakfast. There is a nice boardwalk where local tourists and local residents seem to gather. Very popular place. While we were out walking in Sousse, a small rain ... read more
No, not exactly the Golden Arches
So hard to say goodbye...
Old Medina in Sousse

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse November 25th 2010

Salaam! I am in the southern part of Tunisia where life is much more different than the north. The culture is richer in this part of the country. People seem more genuine and so it is easier to make friends. In fact, I was lucky enough to have made a close friend in Sousse and was invited to his home to celebrate a Islamic holiday with his family. The holiday is called Adic Bill and its when all the Muslims sacrifice a sheep in Allah's honor. It was a pretty bloody celebration though, haha, and the poor sheep was still kicking even after they slit its throat! Eek! There was a 8 year old daughter who was braver than me and watched the whole thing without even flinching. The mom cooked a traditional lamb dish called ... read more
Another waterfall
The valley
The sunset over Tunisiq

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse September 8th 2010

Tunisia - what can I say. It is a beautiful country with major garbage issues, breathtaking sceneries, nice beaches, traffic chaos, a lot of mosques, friendly people, the Sahara desert, 4 types of deserts all together (sand, salt, mountain, and stone desert), the oldest mosque in Northern Africa, the 3rd biggest amphitheater in the world... I am going to write about the highlights of our trip, which were the 1100 km bus ride through the southern part of Tunisia, a visit of Port el Kantaoui and the medina of Sousse. But before I start, I would like to thank my brother who accompanied me, since the actual travel plans where screwed up and I nearly had to go to that nice country all by myself (would not have been a problem, but he was an uncomplicated ... read more
Sunset over the clouds
Our hotel room
The 1st swimming pool

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse June 4th 2010

HELLO ! ! ! ! i'm 23 yo student, and i'm renting a beautiful studio in Sousse, it's near the beach, near the nightlife, i'm payin 900 for the month of July i'll probably stay here in august as well, if u share it with me u'll pay 450 per month (which is half duh!) we could take turns in sleeping in the kitchen for instance, it's very clean, nice, quiet and a GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT location, as i expect many people to reply, pease send me an email and say something about yourself. Feel free to ask any question P.S. 450 is a great value for money price, u won't find anything that will ever come close, if u wanna more about me feel free to ask ! PEACE ;) ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse February 17th 2010

We have finished work in Tunisia a little earlier than scheduled. The upside is that we now have far more time to travel! So, we took the train down to Sfax, a journey which took just two hours. On arrival we traipsed around almost every hotel in the guidebooks and ended up back in the first one we looked at! The Thyna was the best value we could find but still a bit more expensive than we had hoped for. Still, it was comfortable and very well located. Sfax is not a touristy city and while we were there we didn't see another tourist at all. Despite this, we didn't get hassled, even when we walked through the medina. It was interesting to see the traditional way of life in the souks without the interference of ... read more
The train!
Room with a view

Africa » Tunisia » Sousse January 25th 2010

Not blogged for a while so we thought we would share some recent photos with you from our explorations of Sousse. In the medina you can visit the interesting fish market. Outside it, you can even see the starlings up for sale, a local delicacy at this time of year which we are yet to try!!! You can also get your hands hennaed if you wish or buy a carpet or a camel! Instead we visited an interesting museum where we learned a lot about the traditional wedding ceremony with intricate costumes worn by all. The museum was right in the centre of the medina in the heart of the city. Back home we usually stick to watching the English language TV channels on cable but we were quite taken by "Who Wants to be a ... read more
Local handicrafts
Fish Market
Fish Market

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