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February 17th 2010
Published: February 19th 2010
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We have finished work in Tunisia a little earlier than scheduled. The upside is that we now have far more time to travel!

So, we took the train down to Sfax, a journey which took just two hours. On arrival we traipsed around almost every hotel in the guidebooks and ended up back in the first one we looked at! The Thyna was the best value we could find but still a bit more expensive than we had hoped for. Still, it was comfortable and very well located.

Sfax is not a touristy city and while we were there we didn't see another tourist at all. Despite this, we didn't get hassled, even when we walked through the medina. It was interesting to see the traditional way of life in the souks without the interference of tourism. With no stuffed camels in sight we had to get up close and personal with octopus on the fish market, bloody butchers in the meat souk and catch a glimpse of craftsmen beavering away the way they have for centuries. It was nice, but we're not sure what you would do if you had to be here for more than a day!

In the evening we met up with our friend Pattie who is currently teaching at Sfax airport. We found a lovely little restaurant (The Au Bec Fin) where we chatted away and munched on beautifully cooked calamari. It was a very nice evening but everyone was complaining about the gritty air brought in by a terrible sandstorm. It's a shame because it rather spoiled the view from our room!!!

The next morning we headed down to the port where we arrived just in time to get the ferry across to the islands of the Kerkenna archipelago. Whilst the ferries look to be in good enough condition, it was rather worrying to see the state of the solitary lifeboat slung over the side. Calm waters meant we had a trouble free crossing before continuing our adventure.

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Olive Tree SculptureOlive Tree Sculpture
Olive Tree Sculpture

Not really worth walking out to, but there are few other sights!!

Hope we never have to use one!
Spicy LeblebiSpicy Leblebi
Spicy Leblebi


19th February 2010

Hi Russ
I hope it was a good trip ,

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