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Africa » Tunisia » Sidi Bou Said November 15th 2010

"Konichiwa! Japanese?" "Haha, no" "Oh, ok ok. Ni hao! Jackie Chan?" "*Sigh* Yes. Yes, I am Jackie Chan..." Haha, I was called Jackie Chan about 20 times yesterday. I don't think people mean it in an offensive way but it's pretty funny that so many people know how to say Konichiwa and Ni Hao! Pretty impressive for such a small country. But this country is truly special. It has a touch of Italian, Greek, French mixed into the Arab culture. It's hard to communicate with the locals since their second language is French but they are always smiling even though they have no idea what I'm saying! There are these huge colorful markets in every city called medinas and it's a lively atmosphere where they sell everything you can imagine. I've also been going to something ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Sidi Bou Said December 22nd 2009

I could have had a white Christmas in the UK, but why when you can run off and enjoy sun, sand and camels in Tunisia? Christmas is supposed to be one of those fabulous times of the year and it is ... all those lovely public holidays to use up instead of leave! Feeling a real need to get away (theme here?) Daryl and I decided to book flights to Tunis and then wing it from there. There was no planning in this trip at all except for 3 things - a car, Douz for the Festival of the Sahara and Matmata for some Star Wars action! Didn't even plan the visas ... after all who doesn't love Australia and NZ and the book said get them on arrival. Excellent advice if you're an Aussie (and ... read more
View across Tunis Bay

Africa » Tunisia » Sidi Bou Said November 20th 2008

Woke up at 830am and had a piece of German bread with Nutella. Celine had to go do some work and I was going to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said. We both set off together and Celine got me to check out this food. Essentially it is fried bread bun which they cut in half apply harissa, fill it with some mash potato, boiled egg and tuna and its out of this world. I’m so in love with all this food I wouldn't know how it would be to leave this place. I wanted to have 2 but decided to control myself with 1. I found my way to the clock tower and then found the TGM and took the TGM to Carthage. Boutheina didn't have work so she said she will join me in Carthage. ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Sidi Bou Said February 9th 2008

Today we had classes for the second time. It was difficult, and I don't think everyone understood the grammatical concepts he was trying to teach us. Or at least I hope I wasn't the only one. We had lunch at Cafe Fayrouz again, excellent again. When Samia tries to speak Arabic to some locals, a lot of the time they only respond in French. Her parents are Lebanese but she never learned French, so it frustrates her. I'm trying to to use my French a lot but its difficult not to sometimes, especially because I don't have a huge Arabic vocabulary. Ines had off today so we (Ines, Jenn, Basma, and myself), went to Sidi Bou Said. It was nice because we got to see more than we had the first time. The views were spectacular. ... read more
Tunisia 338
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Africa » Tunisia » Sidi Bou Said January 8th 2008

Written by: Robin And so it begins! We have been in Tunisia for five days now, and I am in love with this country! It is very difficult to type, so excuse any typos-- we use an Arabic-French keyboard, and it is very disorienting. WELL everyone on our trip gets along very well. It does not surprise us very much, since we all have so much in common. Our families are incredible. Carolyn and I are in a large family that seems to collect foreign students. There is a Norweigian girl staying for a year! One thing I love about Tunisia so far is the wide variety of languages spoken. French and Arabic are spoken equally, really. Next comes English, thank God. I am getting used to using my little French constantly though. Tunisian is spoken; ... read more
US Military Cemetary
Love my city...

Africa » Tunisia » Sidi Bou Said October 17th 2007

Yay! Africa! We just realized that our new bambino will have been on 3 continents BEFORE birth - not too shabby! That is something to brag about at pre-school for sure. After a lot of going back and forth we decided to book an excursion through the cruise ship for Tunis. The logistics of planning something on our own proved to be too difficult. We booked the Sidi Bou Said and Carthage tour. Seemed like the perfect mix of quaint seaside town and ancient Roman ruins. We had a lovely 5:30 am wake up call - can you say groggy? We were only going to be on shore from 7 am to 1 pm - so there was no room for sleeping in. Our bus left at about 7:45 and we were off to our first ... read more
Where Merchandising was Born!
Inside the Private Home & Museum
Such Contrast!

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