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Africa » Tunisia » Sfax March 22nd 2014

“Sfax is not Tunisia”. This graffiti greeted the Louage as it entered the city last night. And in truth Sfax feels very different. Modern, clean, bustling, it’s the commercial hub of Tunisia, and it is successful, much to the annoyance (allegedly) of much of Tunisia. Whilst Sfax has money, it is not pretentious with it. Most importantly for myself and my travel buddy, Sfax does not give a hoot about tourists, it wants commerce and as a result the Medina is hassle free and completely au naturelle. It’s a working city, to contrast the tourist cities I have visited to date. So this was a lesson in how a medina really works and once we entered the great yellow walls we were enveloped in the crush of in the labyrinth streets, as shoppers haggled, with delivery ... read more
Medina Main Gate
Patterns of Carpets
The Postive Veg Seller

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