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Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet January 21st 2023

TUNISIA 13th January 2023 – 20th January 2023 Just a week in the sun with a TUI package tour £300.43 All Inclusive!! It seemed rude to stay at home and we couldn’t resist it – especially as it wasn’t in the Schengen Agreement ( Not in Europe either so we had to take out more Insurance – another story!!) We eventually left Manchester Airport about 1 ½ hrs late due to someone phoning in sick, which meant we didn’t get to Tunisia until about 4.00ish! First impressions of Enfidha Airport is…well enough to say we were the only plane arriving!!First impressions of Tunisia is …well its very dry here! We were staying in Paradis Palace Hotel (3rd drop off!) which seemed pretty palatial! Sent for a drink at the all-inclusive bar before we were taken to ... read more
us in Hamammet
Yassmine Hamamett - the Marina
Colloseum - el Jem

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet April 23rd 2019

There’s something enchanting about the narrow alleys of a windswept North African medina. For most people, such a description evokes images of Morocco - but I can tell you that Tunisia also deserves to be visualised in the in the same way. Hammamet, the last stop of my week long journey around the country, seemed pretty busy on arrival, not quite the relaxing, beach resort town that I was expecting. Instead it felt like somewhere a bit more...normal. But I was overwhelmingly relieved to have made it there. Thanks to some dodgy food eaten in Tataouine, the all-day drive back up north was nothing short of an ordeal - I was tired thanks to a night of almost no sleep; I was stiff and sore the whole way which doesn't help when you're not able to ... read more
Not A Bad View...
Streets Of The Medina
A View Out To Sea

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet April 11th 2016

Arriving in Tunisia was a breeze after 3 people asked me all the questions I hate like where are you from is that your real hair blah blah blah welcome….i just told you ive been in egypt for 5 weeks and Africa for 8 months….WHY ARE YOU SAYING WELCOME?!?!?!? Especially when we are clearly leaving the country. WTF….i cant wait to be done with this place…Egypt….man….anyways. I had a ride booked when I arrived so ez pz and had a nice chat with an older dude from England. He was nice to talk to and I found myself getting excited for the new adventure and was ready to see something different than Egypt. Weeeelllllll turns out this place is really just like the others. Huge amazing fancy place where there just are no people. I wound ... read more
thats tunisian for "beer house"
theyre so bright! haha
terrible...somply terrible

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet November 2nd 2014

As the Indian summer comes to an end in England, my brother and myself escape for some winter sun in Tunisia. We had found a good deal through a travel agent which offered 10 nights all inclusive for the price of 7 nights. We decided to go with low expectations on the hotel after reading mixed reviews on TripAdvisor with comments like 'faulty towers' Our first day resulted with a painful early flight which was at 6am and meant a couple of hours sleep for us both. Upon arrival at Tunisia, we found the airport to be slow as hundreds of tourists queued to get past immigration. Although our first time in Tunisia, it was not our first time to north Africa and so we expected to be pestered by locals once we had cleared customs. ... read more
Faulty Towers
Medina in Tunis

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet October 6th 2014

Hammamet sits on a coastal plain south of Tunis. Brown hills ride the northern horizon. Silver frosted olive groves carpet the flats. At mid-day there are no shadows. The roads are fenced with fat budding cactus. Windblown plastic bags rag the spines. It is here that you will find the sheep. Gathered in flocks ranging in size from one to twenty animals, the pens stretch for miles. Each flock shepherded by middlemen trying to make a buck on Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice). The hard, dusty ground is covered in straw. The sheep stand together in an unsuspecting huddle or forage through roadside trash. Tunisian families pull up in 4-door sedans to inspect the goods. They are immediately set upon by men dragging bleating animals behind them. A sheep will run you $200 US. Deals are ... read more
Claus Takes A Rare Rest
From The Terrace Restaurant
The Old Mosque

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet March 9th 2013

This is the voyage map, it kicks off from Hammamet in Tunisia and takes a northerly course up the coast line passing Kelibia and then North West towards Bizerte before heading north across the shipping lanes to Cagliari in Sardinia. The distance for this leg is 272 miles and will take about 27 hours depending on the weather.... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet March 8th 2013

Today the ICU will be taken out of the water in Hammamet, Tunisia for inspection and pre cruise works such as anti fowling, new shaft seals, new anti-corrosion probes and electronics checks.... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet November 18th 2011

Arrived at the Averroes Hotel in Yasmine Hammamet. Checked in at reception, room wasn't ready yet. Walked onto the beach and within 5 minutes I had got conned. Got handed a baby turtle , and fed fruit and nuts. Had 2 pay £20 now have a homeless turtle 3 bags of nuts and 2 papayas! Bastards! Made the most of the all inclusive alcohol , had an early night. Day 2 in Tunisia What I hate most is the fact I have to haggle everywhere! Went into a shop earlier for a bottle of cola and a kitkat. 25 minutes later I had got them from £9 to £2 No wonder the man city owners can buy any player they want selling kitkats at tht price! Was another lunch with the only meat being wild boar! ... read more
New Medina
Pirate Ship

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet November 16th 2010

With a few days off work for the Eid festival, we found a good deal online in a 4 star hotel in Yasmine Hammamet. It cost us just £24 per night half board and the food was surprisingly good. Our first night the place was deserted but several busloads of tourists soon filled the place up the next day. The weather was glorious most of the time but still it was only the handful of Brits at the hotel who were lying out by the pool. The water was too cold to consider a dip though. Yasmine Hammamet is home to Tunisia's "Carthageland" theme park. It's closed at this time of year but we had a bit of a laugh with the huge plastic elephants and camels nearby! There really are some tacky sights around though ... read more
Yamine Hammamet Prom
Yasmine Hammamet Marina
Deserted Beach

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet April 28th 2010

Encore une fois, l’internet nous a lâchés hier. C’est donc à bord de l’avion que je vous écris cet ultime blogue. Et je le publierai à partir de la maison demain. Juste un petit mot pour vous parler de notre séjour balnéaire à Yasmine Hammamet, dans un magnifique hôtel que nous vous recommanderions chaudement, le Magic Life Africana. Cet hôtel est géré en formule tout compris, donc aucun besoin d’un bracelet, collier ou tout autre entrave. Le service y est absolument extraordinaire, la bouffe d’une abondance incroyable et offerte dans une très grande variété (jamais nous n’aurions pu goûter à tout en six jours). Et les desserts… Oufffffffffff Le personnel est vraiment chaleureux, toujours souriant et prêt à répondre à tous nos caprices. Et la propreté !!! Ça frotte du matin au soir et chaque cm. ... read more
Jardin intérieur
Vue de notre balcon

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