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Africa » Tunisia » El Jem February 22nd 2018

Thursday February 22 - Today began at 4:00, which seems to be my normal time to wake up now. This is just wrong. I stayed in bed trying to sleep until 6:30, then it was up to start the day. The day started with clouds, and by the time we left the hotel, it was raining. I always find rain to be a bummer when traveling because it makes it hard to take pictures, and then the pictures you get are often not nice. This was a big downer today because we were driving to a spot I had really been looking forward to called El Jem. El Jem has a large Roman amphitheater which was the 4th largest in the world behind the Colosseum in Rome, one in Naples, and the one in Carthage that ... read more
Underground where lions, prisoners, etc were kept

Africa » Tunisia » El Jem January 13th 2013

No matter how many photographs you look at of El Jem, and no matter how many words of "helpfulling travelling very" advices you read, El Jem will only ever have one decent thing in it; a dobbing huge massive Roman sports stadium. The ruins are flipping immense. With Ancient Roman built environment back drops such as El Jem it's no surprises that movie directors working on a tight budget loved filming their epics in Tunisia. The Pythons, for example, fimed much of "The Life of Brian" in country. With a lick of paint and a few canvas sheets it's possible to turn Tunisia into an ancient Rome, a spaghetti west or a warring futuristic satellite planet - and still have change leftover to buy a bag of chip shop scratchings on the way home. In 1984 ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » El Jem September 13th 2011

Africa » Tunisia » El Jem April 25th 2010

Pendant des kilomètres et des kilomètres, nous longeons des oliveraies. Il y en a à perte de vue et ils sont plantés a une bonne distance les uns des autres, car leurs racines sont très longues et vont chercher l'eau assez loin. Toujours dans le but d'empêcher la désertification, on a planté des cactus le long et perpendiculairement à la route pour empêcher le sable d'envahir les terres. Certains sont en fleurs et d'autres sont aussi hauts que des arbres. Nous nous rendons à El Jem, où nous aurons un grand coup de coeur pour son immense colisée pouvant contenir 45 000 spectateurs. Nous l'avons visité sous toutes ses coutures, de la fosse aux lions au haut des gradins. Les escaliers sont abruptes et dangereux. On a intérêt à être prudents et les gens qui ont ... read more
Colisée de El Jem
Appartements privés des lions

Africa » Tunisia » El Jem December 8th 2009

An hour away from Sousse on the train is the small town of El Jem. Trains are not very frequent though: we avoided the 8am departure in favour of the more palatable time of 1141! We were surprised to find so many tourists joining us on our day out. After all, we’re not tourists, we live here now!!! On arrival everyone seemed to head straight towards the impressive colosseum. It was impossible to miss and looms above the centre of the town. We had a quick wander around the market area first though, and then a spot of lunch. Briq, pronounced brick, is something which Russ had heard about from his students. Essentially it is a thin sheet of pastry which is folded over to make a sandwich containing meat or fish and an egg cooked ... read more
Desert Roses
Black Skies
Is that an Ewok?

Africa » Tunisia » El Jem December 28th 2002

A Roman bathhouse (still in use) a Roman amphitheatre (where Monty Python's been filming) and the remains of a Roman city (not in use) Douriet In the previous blog entry from Tunisia I wrote about a few Berber villages I visited. Douriet is another such village. Like the other villages, Douriet is today mostly in ruins. Sfax Sfax is a large city on the Tunisian east coast. The mighty city walls are still today protecting the old town of Sfax with its medina, the shopping quarters. Well, "protecting" perhaps is not the word the locals would use. The walls are probably more of a problem than a protection today. There are gates in the wall of course. The largest of these is named Bab Diwan. El Jem One of the highlights of th... read more
Bab Diwan

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