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Africa » Tunisia » Dougga February 23rd 2018

Friday February 23 - Man these days are long. But I slept later today - until about 6am. I met Felix for breakfast at his hotel at 7:30 and we were on the road by 8am. The destination today was Dougga, one of the main things I was interested in seeing in Tunisia. It’s an old Roman city and has the largest and best intact Roman ruins in all of Africa. It took three hours to get there, so I had some time to read about the history of the country on the ride. At some point, we were pulled over for speeding, but then when they realized we were tourists they let us go. That is so the opposite of what would happen in some other countries, where being foreign equals being pulled over and ... read more
Nice clouds
Dougga amphitheater
Starring in a one time performance at the Dougga amphitheater

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