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Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City August 21st 2014

There inst a day when I don't see their sweet, sweet ebony faces. One is young, maybe four years old at most. The other wrinkled and worn, with teeth poking out of her mouth, telling me shes had a long life. I presume the pair to be "grandma" and "granddaughter". At first the "grandma" would stick her hand out hoping to collect a few coins when I passed. Although I am not one for begging, and simply wanted to smile in their direction and be on my way, Jesus had bigger plans. I felt his heart asking me to follow him. I said yes. This question is one that I am asked daily. What I felt him asking me to do was to provide them something small each day. A lollipop, a banana, or "mandazi" something ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar August 16th 2014

I met up with my girlfriend in Tanzania. She left her husband behind, but met up with him again in Europe after our 19 day trip together. I flew from Jakarta-Bangkok-Nairobi-Kilimanjaro. It was only a little hopper flight from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro, but it was the catalyst for the series of events to follow. As I was walking on the tarmac to the plane with everyone else, I noticed airport personnel manually frontloading the plane. They still had a huge crate of suitcases to load and I spotted mine at the very bottom of the crate they were working on. I wasn’t confident my suitcase was going to make it let alone seeing how many bags still needed to make the flight. Once on board I realized just how narrow the plane was. The overhead compartments ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara August 5th 2014

Didn't go for any games today. Went to souvenir shops and bought a dish thingy as a memorabilia from Tanzania instead. Had lunch at the Impala Hotel and managed to call mum. Oh yea, managed to call dad in the morning. I'm at the palace hotel now. When the driver dropped me off, I gave him a $70 tip and took a picture with him and his jeep. I got someone from the hotel to buy my batteries and phone credits, and even sent my dirty clothes off for laundry. I repacked my bags and am now just waiting for my laundry to get back. I'm hoping it's on time and that nothing would happen. I don't think I can afford to lose my laundry now. I had a panic attack just now in the room ... read more
Civet (?)
Baby and Mama hippo

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 4th 2014

Went through Serengeti again. Saw 3 cheetahs and 1 leopard and lions!!! How exciting! Went to the Ngorongoro crater place. Saw many many wildebeest and zebras. Managed to see lions and hyenas and buffalos and elephants...OH and 1 RHINO!!! (far, but still identifiable) So, I managed to see the big 5 today. How cool is that! The hotelish-resort today is the best so far. It's a proper room, as opposed to the tent. My guide insists on bringing me to see some craft stuff and tanzanite tomorrow. I'm not interested in these types of stuff at all. Oh well, I supposed I should humour him, see as he keeps telling me how he always tries to do his best for me. Animals 10. Warthog 11. ostrich 12. vultures 13. cheetahs 14. leopard 15. rhino 16. dik ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park August 3rd 2014

Took forever to reach the Serengeti National Park via Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which by the way, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The driver said that I should have taken a picnic lunch to save time, but how the hell would I know that. The place I'm staying is a tent again and as I'm writing this I can hear and feel the wind around me. It all seems a bit dodgy. Did you know, medical students like to make lists? I think it's good practice so here goes nothing. Animals I saw 1. Giraffes 2. Elephants 3. Hyena 4. Impala 5. Topi 6. Mongoose 7. Marabu stork 8. Hippos 9. Lions Fun facts 1. Hunters have this term called the 'Big 5': elephants, lions, cheetahs, rhinos and buffalos. They are the most dangerous and difficult ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara August 2nd 2014

Part 1 I'm in a really cool tent. Like really really cool. It's a hotel room, but in a tent! There's loads of mosquitoes here so I have to be careful. Also, I didn't realise that I would be on a safari trip myself. I thought that I would be meeting up with other people. No wonder it was so expensive. My driver/guide is called Molel ( I don't actually know how to spell his name). He's quite nice. Anyway, the village that I'm staying in is called Mto wa Mbu - River of Mosquitoes. On my way to the Migunga Camp, I saw loads of cattles, goats and donkeys and little children were herding them. Those kids have to grow up so fast. The scenery here is definitely very different from home. As I'm writing ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha August 1st 2014

First entry of the trip. Though I should have started earlier. It has been a hell of a week. I flew from KL to Amsterdam, where my flight to Edinburgh got cancelled. I had to queue for NINE hours just to rebook my tickets. Not an experience I want to repeat. At least they fed us food (cold ham baguette) and water. When I finally arrived in Edinburgh (late at night as opposed to morning), I had to deal with my UK sim card. I then showered and slept, too tired to have dinner. PS: I got a business class seat to Edinburgh (the food was nice but the seats weren't that much different). The next morning, I was so starved of food I felt dizzy the whole day, even though I forced myself to eat ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 30th 2014

Da wir am Vortag beschlossen haben eine Tour zur Gewürzfarm und Stonetown zu besichtigen werden wir um 9 Uhr abgeholt. Zuerst geht es zur Gewürzfarm. Dort erklärt und zeigt uns ein deutschsprachiger Guide die verschiedenen Gewürze. Das ist sehr interessant. Ich wusste nicht dass z.b. Kardamom eine Wurzel ist, Vanilleschoten ähnlich wie Bohnen aussehen und Pfeffer eine Schmarotzerpflanze ist. Ein anderer klettert für uns eine Palme rauf und richtet dann die Verkostung her. So können wir Kastanienapfel, Kokosnuss und vieles mehr verkosten. Da die Tour gratis ist kaufen wir im Anschluss natürlich etwas ab. Wir entscheiden uns für Muskatnuss, Vanilleschoten und Zimtstangen. Übrigens wird Zimt, wie wahrscheinlich viele wissen aus der Rinde des Baumes gewonnen, interessant ist jedoch, dass nach nur zwei Wochen die Rinde so w... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro July 26th 2014

This was written a while ago if you were interested in how the trip went. *** So it's been one week since I've been back from Tanzania. All that training, all that hard work and now I'm sitting back home and trying to remember the feeling while I was there. I told some people to really live in the moment while we were there because I knew how it would feel when I returned, been there done that. Kilimanjaro was an unexplainable accomplishment that you can only understand if you have done it. We met the last of our group in Amsterdam and had a great time searching for Hywel! Everyone targeted single men walking around--too funny. Luckily, I knew what Hywel looked like :) The climate in Tanzania was surprisingly mild in September, not humid. ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » West » Sumbawanga July 19th 2014

So what happened next, Laura and I settled down in Budapest and never went travelling again. Well as much as it would be a nice idea to have appeased the travel parasite that lives within us that was not the case. I took on a job - and it's with this wacky new age thinking that I find myself sitting in the Acropole Hotel in Khartoum thinking blimey I have been to a few countries since Hungary and yet I haven't written about any of them! So here is a bit about a few trips I have made to Tanzania. The first time I came here was way back in 2005, living in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in a village called Moshi. I came back to the village and they were happy to see me if ... read more
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