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Africa » Tanzania September 2nd 2014

Another great safari day. We saw many many hippos as well as a few male lions and two females with tag along cubs. There are no giraffes in the crater but zebras, elephants, gazelles, wildebeest, pink flamingoes and wart hogs abound along with a plethora of fabulously coloured birds. We saw a pack of about 25 hyenas all after the same female (kinda like a Friday night at the club- lol) as well as many ostrich. And the prize goes to....the elusive rhino. When I prayed to see one, I guess I should have specified the proximity... more than 500 meters away, I was able to go to the maximum zoom on my camera to get him in my sights. There are only 25 of these armour bearing beasts in the crater area. Because they are ... read more
I thought it was a frog you had to kiss...
In the palm of his hand
Hide and seek

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha September 1st 2014

Since I did not have access to the Internet often while on my trip, I hand wrote some of these entries to transfer over, and additionally, much of this comes from memory. I will write from my paper and memory as if I were actually there. So here we go! So here we are--Kilimanjaro bound tomorrow! I can't believe the time has come. All the hard work and talk since January. It's pretty unbelievable. The flight was long, tiresome, and I've never watched so many movies in a row! It blew me away how much food the airlines give you. After about 16+ hours of flying (two different flights), it felt like the flight attendants were feeding us as if the world was coming to an end. Carbs, sugar, carbs. I think I had 8 meals ... read more
Dik Dik Hotel
The truck awaits...

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro September 1st 2014

On the mountain! Hard to believe. It feels so good to be here. Sitting in camp with dad now. The drive in to Kili took two hours. I think I have a whole new outlook on things and the way I view the world. Scratch that. I KNOW I have a new view. The villages and towns were tough to drive by. 70% unemployment in Tanzania. And you can tell. 45 year life expectancy. Many were just standing around as you drove by. The eye contact made was almost heartbreaking at times. Here I was with all my expensive mountain gear. Here were others with barely any water for day. The women would carry buckets on their heads, and the children (who should have been in school) were running around, or just sitting still and staring ... read more
The RMI Royal Treatment.
Our first morning at camp!

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha September 1st 2014

So, I haven't been writing anything for nearly a month. I shall update by sections. Kilimanjaro: They usually wake us up at 6.30am with ginger tea and then we walk, stop for lunch then walk more. We would reach camp and have dinner there. Sometimes, we have lunch at the camps too. All 9 of us made it to the top. Me being so unfit, I struggled but managed to make it up to the top anyway. It was amazing, I still don't think it has sunk in that I've climbed the tallest mountain in Africa. This trip has made me want to be fitter, so hopefully when I get back to university I would exercise more. All the people I met on the climb are really nice and funny. The porters and guides are really ... read more

Africa » Tanzania August 31st 2014

If the Throne Room of God is on earth, we found it today!! Incredible and amazing! Words can not sufficiently express the emotions of the day. We are in Serengeti, Tanzania, in search of cats, in particular a large spotted one that hangs out in trees. We sure found a treasure chest full of surprises. First, we spotted a few cheetahs tucked away behind some small trees. Not long after, perched about 20 feet high on a limb of a tree, the elusive leopard was spotted. What a beautiful creature. Uncertain of the gender, he/she laid there grooming herself and resting peacefully in the shade of the acacia. Shortly after that, a cheetah with her cub, casually strolling along a dirt path, a herd of Thompson Gazelle in her sights. And then there is Simba... We ... read more
Pride and joy
King of the castle
Hey you big baboon!!!

Africa » Tanzania August 30th 2014

Off to another early start as we left our Maasai Mara tent camp at 0730 and headed for the Tanzanian border where we were meeting our new guide for the next 5 days, Edwin. Enrounte, we were very fortunate to see a cheetah with her 6 cubs. She was gorgeous!!! Sitting up proudly protecting her young. we came across a group of baboons gathering for their morning meeting, young in tow. We also witnessed a male ostrich courting 2 females. He managed to convince one that he was her man and as soon as the deed was done, he left her for the younger bird... Unfortunately for him, the second prospect flew the coup and left him wanting more... Such is life on the Savannah. Since the travel to our new camp was going to be ... read more
Cheetah and cubs
Baboon with her babe

Africa » Tanzania August 30th 2014

I've put a lot of thought into what I should write for my first entry as I get ready to venture off to Kilimanjaro with my dad. In just hours I will be hopping on a plane, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with my father, going on a safari, and taking in the culture of Tanzania. Sipping my morning coffee, I can't help but smile, and even laugh a little at my previous entries documenting my adventures in Europe. I was young, nervous, and ready to take on the world while I lived in Rome for three months. Tied down to someone I loved, finishing my degree in Communication, and applying frantically to my top graduate schools. When I got back I would be graduating, engaged, and perhaps working for a non profit in the future. My have ... read more
Steph and Bridgett!
Mailbox Peak with Melissa!

Africa » Tanzania » North » Arusha » Arusha City August 21st 2014

There inst a day when I don't see their sweet, sweet ebony faces. One is young, maybe four years old at most. The other wrinkled and worn, with teeth poking out of her mouth, telling me shes had a long life. I presume the pair to be "grandma" and "granddaughter". At first the "grandma" would stick her hand out hoping to collect a few coins when I passed. Although I am not one for begging, and simply wanted to smile in their direction and be on my way, Jesus had bigger plans. I felt his heart asking me to follow him. I said yes. This question is one that I am asked daily. What I felt him asking me to do was to provide them something small each day. A lollipop, a banana, or "mandazi" something ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar August 16th 2014

I met up with my girlfriend in Tanzania. She left her husband behind, but met up with him again in Europe after our 19 day trip together. I flew from Jakarta-Bangkok-Nairobi-Kilimanjaro. It was only a little hopper flight from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro, but it was the catalyst for the series of events to follow. As I was walking on the tarmac to the plane with everyone else, I noticed airport personnel manually frontloading the plane. They still had a huge crate of suitcases to load and I spotted mine at the very bottom of the crate they were working on. I wasn’t confident my suitcase was going to make it let alone seeing how many bags still needed to make the flight. Once on board I realized just how narrow the plane was. The overhead compartments ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Lake Manyara August 5th 2014

Didn't go for any games today. Went to souvenir shops and bought a dish thingy as a memorabilia from Tanzania instead. Had lunch at the Impala Hotel and managed to call mum. Oh yea, managed to call dad in the morning. I'm at the palace hotel now. When the driver dropped me off, I gave him a $70 tip and took a picture with him and his jeep. I got someone from the hotel to buy my batteries and phone credits, and even sent my dirty clothes off for laundry. I repacked my bags and am now just waiting for my laundry to get back. I'm hoping it's on time and that nothing would happen. I don't think I can afford to lose my laundry now. I had a panic attack just now in the room ... read more
Civet (?)
Baby and Mama hippo

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