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Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi December 7th 2014

Wow…I can’t believe it is already December! My apologies for not posting lately, it has been a busy month. Our project is in full swing and we are heading in to our 3rd week of training with the youth at Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club. They truly are an incredible group of people! The leaders and youth are equally passionate about the environment and share an entrepreneurial spirit that will be sure to drive the success of the C4C project. We are hoping to start collection by early 2015, and we are currently in the process of getting the second prototype of our collection carts made. Our first prototype didn’t work out the way we hoped it would, and it was quite the process to complete. I’ll try my best to sum it up, it ... read more
Waste Collection Activity
The Tanzanian Interns' Graduation!

Africa » Tanzania November 20th 2014

I mentioned to my girlfriend when we first met that one of my dreams is to go to Africa and go on a proper safari. Unbelievably 6 months ago for my 25thbirthday, she surprised me with 2 tickets for a week break to Affric to go on a safari in Tanzania! My jaw completely hit the floor in surprise! We booked out time off work and the date creeped closer and closer until the day came and we packed our bags and flew over for our Tanzania safari experiences . Here’s a short little summary of what we saw and why we intend to go back as soon as we can! The animals Obviously, one of the main reasons to go on a safari is to see as many wild animals as possible. Of course, you ... read more
Picture 3
Picture 2

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi November 12th 2014

Mushrooms, Onions & Chickens, Oh MY! Today, we visited the mushroom group to complete our initial business assessments and also to see the mushroom cage in construction. About 4 weeks ago, we visited the same site to get an idea of where the cage was going and today, we had walls and a roof! It's so exciting to see something that was once a faint idea, become fully tangible right before your very eyes. We carried out our first business assessments to get an idea of the group in general, to introduce ourselves and see how we can help their businesses thrive. With the help of our fellow BTC colleague, Ancy (who translated in Swahili), we now have a much better idea on how to plan and strategize as well as maximize our time here. On ... read more
Working hard!
Cant wait til its done!

Africa » Tanzania November 9th 2014

Me despido de mis pequeñas en el coche de mi hermana Leticia, que me acompaña al aeropuerto por la mañana. Están concentradas en la historia de Frozen junto con sus primas mayores, con la mirada fija en la pantalla, y apenas pronuncian un adiós de reojo, por lo que la despedida se me hace fácil. Parece que los mundos de princesas de hielo tienen más gancho que una servidora con nudo en la garganta en ese instante, aunque me voy tranquila de haberles estado recordando durante toda la semana anterior que Mami se va diez días a África y que tendrán que cuidar por mi de Papá, que llega esta noche de Amsterdam. El propio vuelo se llena ya de alguna historia que me revuelve el alma. Me siento en mi primer avión a Estambul con ... read more
Arena de Zanzıbar en Kendwa Lodge
Mercado de Stone Town
Playa de Zanzibar

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi November 3rd 2014

Happy belated Halloween everyone, I can't believe it's already November! I have been here for just a little over a month, 44 days to be exact and time has been flying by! I knew that it would, which is why I want to make the most of my time by seeing as much of this beautiful country as I can. We had a holiday a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a big group trip to the Materuni waterfalls. We hired a driver to take us on a hour long journey to the start of a 1.5 hour hike to the 150 m waterfall. The water was freezing, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to jump in, especially since there was a small cave that we could climb into that would lead us ... read more
Climbing behind the waterfall
Coffee beans
My Chameleon friend!

Africa » Tanzania » North October 30th 2014

The long awaited Safari is about to begin😀. The EastcoSafari company came highly recommended but we began with a rocky start. The pre departure meeting never took place and they were 1 1/2 hour late picking us up. Said was our driver/guide and Lazaro was our cook. We chose a camping safari cause we wanted to experience the real Africa not one created by lodges. We are here in the shoulder season, just at the end of the dry season but the wildlife is still plentiful. We begin in the Tarangire National Park, here the first big sightings are of giraffes, zebras, and around 3000 elephants. Wildlife is plentiful during dry season because of the permanent waters of the Tarangire River. Here it is also possible to walk the boarder area of the park that belongs ... read more
Our private lodge at Tarangire Park, Tanzania
Our private dining area

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi October 23rd 2014

Graduation The BTC programme works with both in-school youth and out of school youth, promoting and teaching leadership and entrepreneurship skills. We had the honour of attending the graduation of the in-school youth in Mwika, a village about an hour north of Moshi. There were 8 youth who completed the BTC in-school program. The ceremony consisted of a few performances, presentation of certificates, speeches from the BTC team and partners and also, food and dancing. I think they were just as excited to meet us as we were them. Field Visits to Mwika The first two businesses to get approval and seed capital from Anza were mushrooms and onion businesses. During our first field visit up to Mwika, we got to see the site where the mushroom cages were going to be built. The BTC team, ... read more
Maasai Market

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi October 16th 2014

Our organization has officially changed over to Anza, and the new website is up and running! If you would like to learn more about this incredible NGO and read some of our individual profiles, click this link:Anza. I have been blessed with an incredible team of co-workers who also double as my Tanzanian family. I am constantly surrounded by inspirational and like-minded individuals that foster an environment for growth and positive change, both inside and outside of our office. I am so incredibly thankful that I made the decision to move out here to help Anza reach their goals, because they in turn are helping me reach mine. I still have a lot to learn, but our C4C project is underway! Our proposal is nearly completed, and we had our first site visit to the dump ... read more
Family Dinner
C4C team at the dump

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro October 10th 2014

Kilimanjaro; our waiting is over. On route to the biggest challenge of our lives. On the road not far Arusha we pass a dead body lying in the road when we pass traffic police a few miles down our driver alerted them of the dead body. We try not to take this as an omen of things to come. Our Team Kilimanjaro guides consists of 21 members, a head guide, assistant guide, cook and the rest will carry our belongings and tent. Surprisingly they all have English names, to round out the group of climbers is 2 young men and 3 fools (Angie, Francine,Karen). We registered at Marango gate and began walking thru the rain forest and fields of crops. The walk was tiring as we started late in the day and it's dark when we ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Moshi October 9th 2014

Today was the first day since I arrived that Mount Kilimanjaro was visible for the entire day, and let me tell you...she was beautiful! For those of you who don't know, Kili is a dormant volcano and at 5,895 m is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world . The oldest person to ever summit Kili was an 87 year-old man, and the youngest was a 7 year-old boy, if you're interested in reading some other climbing records, check out this site : ...I am so thankful that I have the great pleasure of living right beside the mountain, it's hard to not want to experience something that you get to see everyday, so I've decided to plan my hike for the end of March. I was originally thinking ... read more
After work drinks with my co-workers
Liz, Mili, M and I
View from my rooftop

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