Africa Calling: An Odyssey to the Jungles of Tanzania

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July 15th 2015
Published: July 15th 2015
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It is often mentioned that there are hardly a few African destinations which can match up to the diverse wildlife, landscapes and ethnicity of Tanzania. A safari holiday in Tanzania offers a lifetime experience ranging from the tropical coast and Zanzibar coral reefs as well as beaches to the Ngorongoro as well as the Tarangire Crater along with the archetypal savannah locations in the Serengeti. Tanzania continues to captivate and fascinate people with its traditional as well unusual experiences. Tanzania is popular for the reason of providing an incredible experience in terms of adventure and wildlife, accompanied with true African traditions which perfectly add to the magnificence of the place.

Treasures of Tanzania

Tanzania offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to holidays as one can indulge in a completely adventurous holiday, or scale the renowned Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania has pristine beaches which offer a perfect beach holiday and the rich culture and history of the country attracts people from each and every corner of the globe. The Serengeti National Park tops the list of the popular destinations in Tanzania and the experience of Serengeti Migration is deemed to leave one enthralled. Apart from the Tanzania Safari Tour in Serengeti National Park, the other preferred destinations while on a Tanzania Safari Holidays include the Ngorongoro Crater, the beaches, Zanzibar and the south central jungles of Tanzania.

African Safari

It is believed by numerous vacationers and adventure spirited individuals that there are merely any safaris which can match to the extravagance and magnificence of a Tanzania Safari Tour during Serengeti Migration. The migration is considered to be a phenomenon where Nature offers its best and engages the migration of zebra, antelope and wildebeest in mammoth numbers where they run towards the areas in and around the ecosystem of Serengeti or Masai Mara. The animal herds are stated to travel in accordance with the season's pace which makes the sight a true visual treat and the one to be remembered throughout one’s lifetime from Tanzania Safari Holidays.

Tanzania is known to present an extensive option of safaris both for the veteran campaigners as well as the first-timers. The natural treasures of Tanzania make it flexible enough to offer a safari which can be child-friendly to a luxurious beach holiday. However, among all the destinations mentioned, Serengeti National Park and its wildebeest migration remains to be a favourite within the people visiting the country. The numbers of animals which shoots to millions is itself an interesting scenario to witness. The animals move around the ecosystem in a clockwise direction and are guided by their ancient natural characters for the purpose of locating fresh water and grazes.

Tanzania Adventures & Activities

If safari fails to catch the fancy of a few, then scaling one of the highest peaks of Africa and travelling around the popular island of the Indian Ocean can be taken into consideration. It seems one can never run out of adventurous activities while visiting the country. Adventurous activities apart from game safaris entail balloon safari, canoeing and game drives during the night.


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