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January 23rd 2013
Published: January 23rd 2013
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We're here! And where is 'here' you ask? Dar es Salaam at the Slipway Hotel.

Amsterdam to Dar. 8 hrs to Kilimanjaro then after a quick 1 hour layover in Kilimanjaro, we took off again to Dar es Salaam. KLM has been filling our time by filling our tummies. Pedro is into food I have learned, and really appreciated the chicken and the couscous. I never met a carb I didn't like so am happy as well.

Landed in Dar and made our way through luggage claim and customs. We enjoyed the visa check process, how 7 lines became a circle of people; and chatted with the other passengers. Felt good to feel the 80 degree temps. Nothing remarkable however, and we soon met up with Daniel Sherrard from EARTH University in Costa Rica. Good to see him! He worked with Pedro for years when Pedro taught at EARTH. Both have worked with Jay. I met Daniel in January of 2012 when the Oswald Family Foundation funded an Educate Tanzania Inc (ETI) vision trip to see for ourselves what can be done at an innovative Ag school in a developing country. Bishop Bagonza, founder of KARUCO and Brighton Katabaro, Coordinator of KARUCO joined us in Costa Rica to also glean ideas.

If you have just joined the blog, I am traveling on behalf of Educate Tanzania, with two Minnesota leaders in Agriculture- Pedro Bidegaray and Jay Bell from the University of Minnesota and meeting up (in Dar) with Daniel Sherrard who helped develop and who now helps lead EARTH University. Our hope is to create the curriculum program in Agriculture for KARUCO. Feel free to visit past blogs to get a fuller scoop. Feel free to pass this link to others you think may be interested.

We met our driver, a kind man with two children who pointed out as much as one can driving at night in Dar. The Slipway is very nice with very nice people. Sebastian showed us our rooms and mine is wonderful. Sebastian was almost giddy showing me all the perks - free wifi and my favorite, the iced bottle of water. I get really thirsty in Africa - dry here. The guys are in a different hallway and I assume their rooms are nice too. Up and at 'em tomorrow at 7:30 to meet our driver at 8:30 and go to our meeting with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Jambo Africa!


23rd January 2013

small bed
That bed looks really short. I think I would have to sleep kitty corner!! Funny!!
24th January 2013

It's my photography - it's a queen. After 30 hrs travel, I was glad to see it.
23rd January 2013

Jan, Glad to hear you\'ve arrived with Jay, Daniel and Pedro. We here at ETI are following your progress closely so thanks for keeping us up to date. Steve
24th January 2013

We have been strangely fortunate with wifi. Don't expect this to keep up. Thanks for following.

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