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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi September 13th 2011

Mambo Everyone! Hello everyone, Hope you guys are doing well back home. This will be my first Blog entry from my travels on my Around the World trip! So far I have taken 5 flights, a few trains, dala dala’s and taxi’s to get to where I am going. I am now writing from the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. I have already completed one of my stops on my around the world trip, that stop was England. I did just a quick stop for a few days in London, England. I was very lucky to meet up with my friend Natalie and made a new friend with Jo. Nat and I walked alllll over Downtown London and saw all of the main sights. It was pretty good weather for 2 of the days the third ... read more
Big Ben- London
Olympic countdown

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar August 21st 2011

Accommodation: Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar Flew from Cayman via Dar Es Salem to Zanzibar. It was a good place to chill out for a day or two to get our bodies on African time. Unbeknown to us, Zanzibar is a very popular place for Italian’s to vacation. With direct flights from Rome and Milan coupled with the fact that several hotels only accept Italian guests. The short end of the story is that Zanzibar has a nice beach and at low tide allows one to walk out a mile or two to the reef. The low tide allows the seaweed harvesters to collect the seaweed – I meet a local guy from the village beside the resort and spent a couple of hours assisting with the harvesting of seaweed. As day turns to night, the masi ... read more
Local Art
Good day for a Sail
Street Art

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City July 29th 2011

Ok, so after an epic safari, headed back to the villages for 10 days ... it was a week of hard work, we managed to fit in lots of teachings to schools, community groups etc and have organised our big SIC testing day for next Wednesday, advertising it as SIRI, BURE free and confidential! Hopefully there will be a record turn out ... so teachings went really well, teaching reproductive health to 150 girls in a primary school classroom was certainly a challenge, 30 footballers the same day, some life skills and their goals and dreams, related to why its so important for them to stay healthy etc, we made a paper chain of all of them which they loved - im definately racking up my numbers of african gap yahhh photos hah surrounded by ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 7th 2011

We started our adventure in Zanzibar with a little alternative tourism. We decided to catch two different ferries to the island, arriving an hour apart. The plan was to wander around Stone Town, the historic heart of Zanzibar, without a plan, to see how long it would take for the two of us to ‘find each other’. After four months of spending every day together, it was a solitary experience to walk around Zanzibar on our own with the constant anticipation of bumping into one another. By lunchtime we were reunited somewhere in the bowels of the labyrinth that is Stone Town. Zanzibar was the centre of both the spice and the slave trade in the 19th century and home to people of various cultures, including Moors, Arabs, Persians, Indians and Europeans, the combination of which ... read more
Forodhani markets
Kam's favourite place in Zanzibar

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar June 28th 2011

Eigentlich hatte ich gar nicht vorgehabt, wieder nach Sansibar zu reisen, aber wir ändern unsere Pläne, nachdem das Festival of the Dhowcountries in dieser Woche stattfindet. Wie schon im Vorjahr wohnen wir im Hotel Kiponda, das eine nette Dachterrasse, ein gutes Frühstück und eine ideale Lage hat, um die Veranstaltungen im Fort und im „House of Wonders“ zu besuchen. Eigentlich ist das Festival hauptsächlich ein Filmfestival, das ZIFF (Zanzibar international Fimfestival). Es gibt auch andere Events und Konzerte, aber meist erst zu später Stunde. Die Filme sind hauptsächlich afrikanische Produktionen, manche in Kooperation mit anderen Ländern, und viele davon befassen sich mit der Situation von Behinderten und insbesondere auch Albinos in Afrika. Wir sehen uns einige an, manche davon sind wirklich empfehlenswert. Ganz besonders gefällt mir ein Film aus Simbabwe, über eine Ba... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar June 20th 2011

After not showering for a week (thank you wet wipes) and dealing with hyenas at night we were looking for a change of pace and headed off to Zanzibar… which is yang to a safari’s ying I guess. We spent our time in Zanzibar between Stonetown, Nungwi and Kendwa… each a little different, but great in their own right. Stonetown The city has been around for hundreds of years and is a mix of Muslim, Arab, Asian and (of course) African influences… one of the ports draws is just walking the old towns narrow alley ways and taking in all that is stonetown. I walk here and want to take pictures of everyone and everything around me as it is very picturesque… everything from the oversized doorways with ornate metal decorations, to the colorful clothing of ... read more
Local beach transport
The trademark
Alleys of stonetown

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar June 13th 2011

We had a long journey from Perth to Johannesburg in South Africa. This took 11 hours, then we flew to Nairobi in Kenya and then finally to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The first night was at the School of St Jude's and the next day we went to Zanzibar and we have 4 nights in Stone Town and then 4 nights at Kwenda Beach. It is a very interesting place full of history and we are enjoying it very much... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar June 12th 2011

I. "No Shoes, No News"! I have never really been a beach vacation-type of traveler. I’ve generally focused on historical and cultural explorations and/or outdoorsy endeavors of a physical nature (trekking, particularly). Just hanging out at the beach, especially with tons of other people around, has never appealed to me. But Zanzibar might have made me a convert – at least Matemwe Beach has. For some, Zanzibar is all about the beach; tourists coming from safari in the Serengeti beeline it directly to one of the seaside hotels, sometimes bypassing fascinating, beguiling Stone Town altogether. Several acquaintances back in Sudan actually thought it was odd that I was planning to spend most of my time in town, rather than relaxing under a palm tree. (Of course, these are the individuals who might find it odd that ... read more
Beach Me
A Swahili Welcome
Rapid Transit

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Zanzibar City June 8th 2011

Before starting graduate school, I worked for a short stint as a host at an Ann Arbor restaurant called Zanzibar Pan-Tropical Bistro. The place’s shtick was that the food was a global fusion representing the tropics from around the world, using spices from that rather broad swath of the world. There was little that was specific to the real Zanzibar, but the name was meant to evoke a sense of the exotic - a faraway land redolent of spices, bathed in salty air. It was an easy choice of name for a “pan-tropical” bistro. Almost everyone has heard the name “Zanzibar”; almost everyone carries an image of what exotic Zanzibar is – or should be. It is an almost a mythic place. Sort of like “Timbuktu”. Except that Zanzibar is a real island, just like Timbuktu ... read more
At the Zanzibar Coffee House
Stone Town from Above
Another View

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Nungwi June 4th 2011

Day 76, “Domingo”, May 15th, thankfully our LAM flight was on schedule to fly to Tanzania. We arrived in Dar es Salam just in time to catch a small plane and arrive in Zanzibar at sunset. We got settled at the Africa House Hotel on the beachfront in historic Stone town. We loved the charm of the hotel that was restored from ruins in an eclectic African and Arabic style that reflects the diversity of Zanzibar. We enjoyed an intimate dinner in the hotel bar before turning in. Day 77, Monday, May 16th, we came to understand why May is low season in Zanzibar. It poured rain most of the day. We dodged the downpour as we explored the narrow streets and museums giving into being soaked but kept warm by the tropical humidity. Zanzibar has ... read more
Sailing Dhow off Mnemba
Stone Town Africa House - View from our window
Exploring the narrow Stone Town streets

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