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October 22nd 2007
Published: October 22nd 2007
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Hello everyone from the beautiful spice island of Zanzibar!
After Arusha, we headed for Dar es Salaam and set up camp on the shore of the Indian Ocean outside of Dar. Compared to the mountaineous regions we travelled through before (including the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro) it was piping hot, steamy and sandy and i needed a lot of cold slushies to keep me alive 😊.
The next morning, we took the ferry over into Dar Harbour. As Dar is famous for pickpockets and all kinds of scams, we just set in a bar until the ferry left. The crossing was fairly calm and noone got seasick. It took about 3 hours, but the real hassle started once we got there. We had to get our passports checked, the hostel had been double-booked so we needed to be driven around Stonetown for our accomodation, and everything turned out to be very stressy, as it was still steaming hot.
I have to say I enjoyed the evening of walking around Stonetown. The place has a middle eastern feel to it which I loved, and despite it being 99 percent muslim there is very little trouble if you are reasonably dressed; actually shorts and tshirts are fine with everyone. Later on, we went to the fish market which is at the seafront, and basically you can get cheap food of any kind there: grilled fish of all sorts, even shark, falafel, potato dumplings, chapatis, salads and so on. I spent little more than a dollar and had a vegetarian feast 😊. Afterwards, we went to the Africa House where drinks were so dear that once again i sipped on a fanta, but with a fantastic view over the darkening sky and ocean.
The following morning we left with a local guide for the spice tour. He showed us the slave dungeons and the place were slaves were soled until the abolition of the slave trade in the 1870s. Afterwards, we were brought to the spice plantations where we tasted local fruit like custard apple, fruit that i had never seen before. We were brought to a local's house where we sat on the floor and had lunch, it was fantastic and such a great experience! They drove us up to Nungwi Beach in the North of Zanzibar, which is stunningly beautiful with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and palm trees everywhere. I will hang out here for about 3 nights, before heading back to Stonetown and later in the direction of Malawi.
Love to everyone at home and thanks for all the comments,
PS: check out my photos in the gallery!!!


22nd October 2007

This is the bit i've been dreading, very very jealous now. Buy me something ;)
25th October 2007

Hi Hun
Hey Katja, ive been really enjoying your blog. I'm glad you are having a great time. I have started my new job but im bored because they arent giving me enough work to do. Neway I cant wait to see you and all the photos when you get back. Love you lots Car.
30th October 2007

Hi Katya! Zanzibar sounds amazing. You really are having the trip of a lifetime. back here in Ireland its the same old same old. We went to mcgruders last sunday and ran out of it after an hour and a half. It was really awful. Manu Chao is playing next weekend and I can't wait for that. A 24 yr old german has taken a great shine to me and he's coming along to manu chao with us. Tho he is from near Berlin, so you probably wouldn't be too keen on him!!!I'm dying to hear about Victoria Falls. Happy travelling, Love Gwenxxx

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