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January 21st 2013
Published: January 22nd 2013
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So we finally made it to Zanzibar after nearly missing our flight. I decided we would leave at 2pm from the hotel in order to catch our 6:30pm flight. When we got there we were told the flight had been changed to leave at 3pm (at this point it was 2:50) and they had just closed the cabin doors, and we should have received an email telling us of the change. Needless to say, we had received no email. They called the captain and held the plane, telling us if we didn't get there by running we would be locked out of the flight and that it was our fault. We ran, fueled by our animosity towards nairobi and the disasters it had dopped upon us.

We made the flight wheezing and coughing and received some questionable looks from the other passengers on the plane, of which there were only ten. Tony had expected plenty of time to take his anxiety pills, so being tossed into our flight immediately didn't make it a very pleasant flight for him.
Stepping off the plane in Zanzibar instantly felt better than being nairobi. It is probably in the upper 90s and incredibly humid, which adds to the heat. The island just feels relaxed and calm. Of course we still ned to be cautious, but it feels millions safer than nairobi already.
We had dinner last night at an Indian restaurant, located on the rooftop of a building close to the shore. The food was rather good, and there was a group of men and boys doing the most incredible tumbling on the beach, which offered us impressive entertainment. They were doing backflips and triple rolls in the air, some of them flipping all the way into the water. The water here is packed with locals playing in the surf to fight the heat of the day. The city of stone town itself is a bit grimy, and smells like sewage in places, but the feeling here is one of peace, and to me that greatly outweighs any negative.
Today we are going to the jozani forest in the morning to see the red colobus monkeys that are endemic to the island. In the afternoon we will take a sailboat to prison island to tour the prison buildings, see the giant tortoises that live there, and possibly go snorkeling as well. Tomorrow I hope to take a water tour down to menai bay where there is a water preserve known for dolphins and snorkeling.
I can't imagine what it would have felt like to miss our flight. We would have been stuck in nairobi for another three days before flying to south Africa. We must have had angels watching over us telling us to get to the airport so early. If we had shown up at normal check in time for a 6:30 flight, we would have been without a paddle. I am logging off now to check the rest of our flight itinerary, and miss you all.


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