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September 26th 2009
Published: September 27th 2009
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Hi, here are some pics so you can see what we have been up to...

Additional photos below
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Dar Es SalaamDar Es Salaam
Dar Es Salaam

View from our hotel room. Not quite at the beach yet!!
Zanzibar - Kendwa BeachZanzibar - Kendwa Beach
Zanzibar - Kendwa Beach

This is the beach 100yrds from our beach banda. Turqoise waters and golden sand!
Dowh's in zanzibarDowh's in zanzibar
Dowh's in zanzibar

A dowh sailing just off our beach at kendwa. Sunsets here are fabulous.
Turtles on ZanzibarTurtles on Zanzibar
Turtles on Zanzibar

This little fella we met at a turtle aquarium next to the beach. They had been working for 16yrs to help prevent the turtles from being hunted to extinction
Food stalls in Stone TownFood stalls in Stone Town
Food stalls in Stone Town

Each evening, the locals came out and set up stalls in the sea front park, the food was amazing, lobster, mussels, kingfish, snapper, samosas, fish cakes and much much more, all with fantastic spices.
Spice Tour 1Spice Tour 1
Spice Tour 1

The most classic tour on zanzibar is the spice tour. We saw how cardomons, vanilla, ginger, cloves etc.. are farmed
Spice Tour 2Spice Tour 2
Spice Tour 2

On the tour, the locals weaved baskets, rings, necklaces for us as we walked. I ended up with a man bag, a particularly smart ties and pair of glasses!! Giorgio Armani eat your heart out!

The streets of stonetown are very narrow, and are a complete maze, easy to get lost in.
Slaves - StonetownSlaves - Stonetown
Slaves - Stonetown

Stonetown was a slave trading centre. This monument depicts the slaves being sold at market.
Anglican ChurchAnglican Church
Anglican Church

This anglican church was built on the site of a former slave market. The altar sits where the whipping post used to be. A circle on the floor in front of the altar locates the exact spot.
Persian BathsPersian Baths
Persian Baths

These were old public baths in the centre of stone town. Very plush.
Ben and ClaireBen and Claire
Ben and Claire

We stayed with Ben and Claire in Arusha. They currently live on a missions base run by Ben's parents.

27th September 2009

Dar es Salaam
This was the view of Dar es Salaam from our window.
27th September 2009

Amazing pics!
Awesome photos guys! can't wait to see more! lots of love xx Aim
28th September 2009

oh my gosh - what amazing photos - i wanna be there!! gosh slave markets very haunting . have an amazing safari! !
28th September 2009

Zanzibar photos
Awesome pics! The one with the dowh will make an awesome postcard. Love Daves outfit in Spice trip 2. Kerry must have been tempted to keep the turtle. Interesting about Stonetown. Very jellous. Have a great rest of the trip.

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