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May 13th 2008
Published: May 13th 2008
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Kenya - Tanzania

Summer vacation 2008

From the great savanna till spice iceland

We got all we expected from this trip and more. During our three week vacation we came close to impressive animals (real close), met wonderful people, saw the biggest slum in Africa, fed turtles, lerned how spices look in nature, were awoken by lion roaring, learned about the masai culture, and much more.

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One of the first nights we woke up at 5 am to the sound of a lion's roaring. He moved around, at first far away, then closer. We lay completely still in our tent with goosebumps holding eachother's hands real hard. It was an intense. truley scary sound, and we learned the day after that the lion had only been 100m from our tent. We will never forget that sound. Actually, when we first saw the lions several days later, t was not as impressive as those massive roars. Still, the animals were quite impressive and we got real close to them. Luckily, all of teh lions we saw, had just been eating and couldnt care less about our truck. This was a good thing 'cause as we learned the first day, there were absolutely no weapons on the truck, and it was wide open on the sides, with plenty of room for a lion to get in if it wanted to.
White RhinoWhite Rhino
White Rhino

The white rhino's (rare to see) were quite impressive beasts, and three of them wandered around only meters away from our truck. We had to keep still, not to annoy them, 'cause they can be really dangerous and even tip the truck over if they are provoced enough.
Taking picsTaking pics
Taking pics

This is how close the animals got
Vervet Mokey, mother and childVervet Mokey, mother and child
Vervet Mokey, mother and child

These cute, curious, rude little animals kept close to the tents and tried constantly to steal food from us.

Beautiful animals, which made good photoobjects
Spotted HyenaSpotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena

These scavengers are one of the least liked african animals. Still, this mother giving milk to her baby were able to get some awws from the group.

One of my favorite animals, not failing to impress.
Lake NakuruLake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru

Our Safari TruckOur Safari Truck
Our Safari Truck

As you can see, there were pleny of room for a lion to get in to the truck, had it wanted to. Luckily they left us alone. We spent countless hours bumping along in this truck. The roads were full of potholes and bumps. Usually they stick 21 people in this truck, but on our safari we were only 9, which were appreaciated. :)

Hippos are extremely dangarous, and it is one of the animals killing most people each year.
Hippos arguingHippos arguing
Hippos arguing

I am glad there was a river between us and these angry hippos

8th August 2008

Såpass! du og snurrebassen koser dere som juling og absorberer inntrykk? Det er bra! regner med at snorre ble GLA:D for Liverpool tur? når du kommer hjem må vi sammenligne farge. det skal bli interessant, hahah :D Men pass opp for krokkofantene og heffalumpene, og ha det supergøy videre! peace :)

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