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Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa July 14th 2008

Etter at opphaldet i Mbulu vart avslutta litt tidlegare enn planlagt fekk eg tid til aa stikke til Zanzibar. Eg moette opp paa kaien ein halvtime foer avreise og fann ut at reservasjonen min ikkje var gyldig. Eg vart dregen med rundt overalt for aa finn billett, og midt i alt stresset vart eg massiv svindla. Eg hadde mi fumme hyre med aa foelgje med paa passet mitt og foer eg visste ordet av det hadde eg gitt fraa meg omlag det dobbelte av prisen paa billetten ogh stod med eiunvegsbillett til turistoeya. Eg nytta den foerste timen til aa fordoyge aggresjonen eg hadde i meg etter svindelen. Deretter noeyt eg Rambo, first blood, foer eg ankom Stonetown omlag to timar seinare. Midt blandt alle taxi sjaafoerane stod Lars Kjell Tjelle og skreik "rafiki: taxi, taxi, ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa June 18th 2008

hi all!! Well this should come as no surprise to anyone, but I somehow got malaria while relaxing on this tropical paradise!! I'm fine now but I was really feeling like shit for a little while there!! I got to see the inside of an african hospital firsthand while hooked up to an IV drip... oh MAN was that ever an experience hahah!! The doctor actually even let me look at the malaria under the microscope hahaha!! I'm alive and well though I just thought I'd throw up a quick note about my latest adventure hahaha!! Love to all!! Shannon... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa June 12th 2008

Yes, that's right everyone we are now in Zanzibar!! It is amazing. We arrived here last Thursday after a couple days in Dar Es Salaam, which everyone said is just awful but we didn't find it too bad at all. Some aggressive touts but that was about it. We ate at a real SUBWAY restaurant hahah which was a great treat. We got an afternoon ferry across the ocean to Zanzibar Thursday afternoon and it was really nice, we got VIP which actually wasn't a big deal at all because they make every foreigner get it and it just means we spend more money! Anyways we arrived in Stone Town and were immediately accosted by this guy who followed us around everywhere. When we actually asked him to take us to our hotel he told us ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa June 8th 2008

Hey everyone, Sorry no images for this one, as I hadn't actually intended on writing a blog journal at this point in time. Alot has transpired since my last message, some good, some bad and some observational. Hmmm which to start off with. We'll lead off with bad. A few days after my last message I fell ill. Not a little bit ill, not sort of ill but completely knocked off my feet ill. The natural tendency in Africa (unlike western nations) is to assume that an illness is the worst possible thing imaginable and work backwards. Thus, when one day at the project site I felt faint and much like I'd been kicked in the head by a small hippo I was allowed only the night to get better before a trip to hospital was ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa January 26th 2008

After spending the night at a Masai campground near Chitimba (where we had the best group meal on the trip so far), we crossed the Tanzanian border and headed towards Dar es Salaam. The capital of Tanzania in everything but name, Dar (as it is affectionately known) is a fairly large city that is hot, dusty, dirty, full of traffic and incredibly humid despite being right next to the Indian Ocean. That night we rested up and escaped the heat in the camp's pool while hearing from our tour leader about the options for our four day / three night excursion to the Spice Islands of Zanzibar. Unfortunately it was then that we learned that our booked beachfront accommodation in Zanzibar, Sunset Bungalows, was not actually available due to some kind of miscommunication. This was a ... read more
Fishing Boat and Dhows
Zanzibar Sunset
A Hard Day's Night

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa October 28th 2007

FRENCHAprès Mombasa, on a pris la direction de la Tanzanie… Dernière étape. On est arrivé à la frontière vers les 5 heures de l’après-midi, après plusieurs heures de boda-boda... On a commencé par changer tous nos shillings kenyans en shillings tanzanien... juste à temps pour entendre l’officier des douanes coté Tanzanie nous dire quelques minutes plus tard qu’il n’accepte pas la devise officielle de son pays pour le paiment des frais de visa... On ressort. On change nos shillings tanzaniens en dollars américains... On a pas gagné au change, c'est clair, mais au moins we've spread the love comme on dit... Après la douane, on était un peu bloqué... Pas de boda-boda pour Tanga. Pas de bus non-plus... La nuit arrivait et on a été assez fou pour donner 40,000 shillings à 2 inconnus et monter ... read more
Where's Wally (in her life jacket)
Stone Town
Big Tree in Stone Town

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar » Kendwa September 23rd 2007

From Arusha we caught a bus across to Dar es Salaam on the coast. This was our first good look at the Tanzanian countryside outside of National Parks. Compared to the other Eastern African countries we've been in, Tanzania is much hotter, drier and dustier, with big open plains and rocky hills, dry scrubby brush and boulders. Which makes it all the more impressive when you suddenly notice Mt Kilimanjaro looming over the plains, grey and huge and snow capped. Sometimes you see it at the end of a tree lined, green verged suburban avenue in Moshi. It's quite spectacular. Our arrival in Dar Es Salaam was to prove particularly frustrating. First the taxi driver ripped us off on the way to our hotel. We agreed a price (already too high) but when we got there ... read more
Beach Near Stone Town
Room in random blokes house
Photo 34

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