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October 11th 2012
Published: March 1st 2013
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Kjell Bergh & Jan Hansen Kjell Bergh & Jan Hansen Kjell Bergh & Jan Hansen

Awaiting the service and ceremony
The Hon Kjell Bergh (Consul Tanzania) and I were escorted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) Karagwe Diocese General Secretary, Mr. Erasto Kamihanda who showed us the place reserved for us--a table under one of the tents. We sat, got a program in Swahili from Brighton, and just took in the sights and sounds.

I am glad to have had this experience with Kjell- he is in his element with official and ceremonial tasks and is calm company. He is also ever mindful of the presence and mindsets of politicians and is diligent at encouraging them to do more. My style is informal so I had to deal with my discomfort, trepidation about making mistakes and reminded myself to not take myself too seriously. Either of us could have done it solo, but together we represented Minnesota and our country well.

We waited for the arrival of the Minister of Agriculture, the Honorable Eng. Mr. Christopher Chiza and after he arrived, Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Coordinator for KARUCO, asked us to go to the tower site with a group. I rode up the 'hill' with the bishop and Kjell.

It was great to revisit this inspirational site
KARUCO GroundbreakingKARUCO GroundbreakingKARUCO Groundbreaking

Connecting with KARUCO Partners
and look out at the 360 degree panorama of the thousand acres of what will be KARUCO.

I met several dignitaries on the hill, one being the Hon. Mr. Christopher Chiza, Eng. and Minister of Agriculture for Tanzania, and another the Hon. Mr. Gozibert Blandes, member of Parliament.

Once on top, we were asked to approach a tent area where there was a small table. Individually and in order of importance, we were asked to sign the visitor book. Ms. Edina Henry, Manager of Guest Services at the Kayanga Hotel--my friend--facilitated. She and Emmanuel were dignified and smooth, attending to each person's need as Tanzanians are so adept at doing. Signing the visitor book on groundbreaking day on top of the hill was a poignant experience.

There were about ten vehicles on top of that small hill and almost miraculously, they seemed to 'fit'. We headed back down and once back to the KARUCO groundbreaking site, we resumed our seats under the tent.

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Tower PointTower Point
Tower Point

KARUCO Groundbreaking
KARUCO Tower PointKARUCO Tower Point
KARUCO Tower Point

1,000 Acres for KARUCO
KARUCO GroundbreakingKARUCO Groundbreaking
KARUCO Groundbreaking

Crew Continues Work

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