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January 28th 2013
Published: February 4th 2013
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Leaders in KaragweLeaders in KaragweLeaders in Karagwe

Brighton and Sam Kayonga, Community Development


The Educate Tanzania Team is ready for the week. Early breakfast and meeting in the conference room with key leaders from the community. Graduates from Sokoine University (the only Agricultural University in Tanzania), the Director of CHEMA - a program designed to improve rural life by addressing poverty, the Community Development Officer, a retired professor from Sokoine, members of the KARUCO team, and of course, the Educate Tanzania Team. Brighton had asked me to facilitate the meetings which I agreed to do. That facilitation got a tad awkward as our teams tried: to merge the formality of Africa with the casualness of America; to propose new procedures among people accustomed to leading groups in ways they felt comfortable; to flatten the budding organizations among people who are used to heirarchies; and to 'allow' female leadership in male dominating cultures. That said - every single person was on board and willing to make things work. Vision casting began, people shared ideas, and the broader team found its stride - almost. Looking back, I can say the team actually found its stride mid-week with freer interactions, more two-way conversations, enlarged understanding of the history and needs
Esther Esther Esther

Esther shares information on standards for organic coffee
in Karagwe, and greater comfort with each other and the context of KARUCO. It was the beginning of a transformative and fruitful week.

Welcome - Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Coordinator of KARUCO

KARUCO Presentation - Brighton

CHEMA Presentation - Mr. Stephen Kilio, Director

EARTH Model - Dr. Daniel Sherrard

KARUCO 3-Year Framework Presentation - Dr. Jay Bell and Dr. Pedro Bidegaray


Small Group Discussion - All

Photos - Ms. Ashley Miller

Following our meeting, Brighton walked the team to visit a potato farm while Ashley took photos. I stayed back to catch up on a few things. Our team is trying to absorb everything, listen to the people in Karagwe, discern from leaders what the real needs are, test out ideas that have worked elsewhere - especially EARTH University, and just plain get to know the people and the place.

It was a great day in Karagwe.

Take me to the Educate Tanzania website:www.educatetanzania.org

Additional photos below
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Pedro & Jay During BreakPedro & Jay During Break
Pedro & Jay During Break

Pulling together a last-minute request for a presentation on curriculum
Andrew Represents BusinessAndrew Represents Business
Andrew Represents Business

Daniel and Andrew share ideas
Sokoine Grads Sokoine Grads
Sokoine Grads

Provide insight and optimism for KARUCO
Daniel Daniel

Sharing the EARTH Model
Jay Jay

Shares the 3-Year Framework
Transformation Model Transformation Model
Transformation Model

by Stephen Kileo, CHEMA Director

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