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February 2nd 2013
Published: February 2nd 2013
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Accompanied UsAccompanied UsAccompanied Us

Hairstyle the handiwork of 4 sisters and her mother
Best road trip ever to Uganda.

What are the odds that just as you and your Land Cruiser full (as in 4 people on the back seat, 3 grown men on the middle, and 3 of us in the front) happen upon a bend in the rutty, bumpy, dust road under construction - just as a large excavator (crane-type shovel) operated by a frustrated Chinese construction worker, would dig a channel crosswise in the road, making way for a large culvert? Seriously - what are the odds? I took one look and knew we would be delayed for quite some time. In Africa, I accept these things. In the U.S.- not so much. I did not like the cavalier attitude toward the on-lookers and the way the operator challenged them with the big machine. I also wondered what in the world the onlookers were thinking so close to the machinery. Photos show how different things can be in a country sans sensible safety measures.

Brighton and crew saw us through the border at Mutukula, and Ben met us to drive us to Entebbe. We had a beautiful lunch in Masaka and then a pleasant drive to Entebbe with the touristy stop at the equator.

Goodbye to Jay and Pedro. They will move on to their other U of MN agendas in Uganda. Goodbye to Ben, our trusty driver.

Great progress was made on KARUCO. It is not possible for me to be happier about all that has transpired with the university.

Goodbye to Africa for now.

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Take me to the Educate Tanzania website:www.educatetanzania.org

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Accompanied UsAccompanied Us
Accompanied Us

Emmanuel, ELCT Hotel Staff
KARUCO in the DistanceKARUCO in the Distance
KARUCO in the Distance

Can you see KARUCO on the distant hill?
What Are The Odds?What Are The Odds?
What Are The Odds?

Surely, this is the best time to dig across the road
Road ConstructionRoad Construction
Road Construction

No complaints - this is the road that will make KARUCO accessible
Placing a CulvertPlacing a Culvert
Placing a Culvert

Viewers Way Too Close

An aggressive machine operator and naive onlookers
Accompanied UsAccompanied Us
Accompanied Us

My friends say "goodbye" at the Tanzania/Uganda border
Coriolis EffectCoriolis Effect
Coriolis Effect

Water turning at the equator
Team at the EquatorTeam at the Equator
Team at the Equator

Jay, Pedro, Sam & Jan
Entebbe AirportEntebbe Airport
Entebbe Airport

ta ta for now...

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