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January 16th 2008
Published: January 18th 2013
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Drum #1Drum #1Drum #1

Locally made - Karagwe
George, our driver and cultural liaison had suggested that the engineers allow the local crew to finish the tower at KARASECO and that we have a 'day off'. The team agreed so we had a late breakfast, shopping and exploring Kayanga. Breakfast at 9:00 - what a treat to sleep in.

Shopped in Kayanga for gifts: Drums for my sons, Jordan and Erik. Apart from having good sound they were so beautiful to look at and feel. The shop clerk and I had some language difficulties but no problems whatsoever when it came to agreeing on money. Was embarrassed when the clerk ran with me through the rain to the hotel to deliver the drums. Bought Tanica Coffee, a 3-legged stool with African images carved into the leather, some carved rocks for my mom, and a rosary for Steve's folks. I could not resist buying more fabric also - they are just so vibrant and, ...well...African.

Ann and Andrew led a reflection on social justice and our role in interfacing with other cultures. The students offered examples of people telling them they were hungry or thirsty, children wanting to be touched, and then more future-oriented issues such as intalling
Drum #2Drum #2Drum #2

These will get through customs, right?
technologies when there may be no funds for sustainability or maintenance. It is good to be with a group with genuinely good motives.

Take me to the Educate Tanzania website.

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