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Africa » Tanzania » West » Sumbawanga July 19th 2014

So what happened next, Laura and I settled down in Budapest and never went travelling again. Well as much as it would be a nice idea to have appeased the travel parasite that lives within us that was not the case. I took on a job - and it's with this wacky new age thinking that I find myself sitting in the Acropole Hotel in Khartoum thinking blimey I have been to a few countries since Hungary and yet I haven't written about any of them! So here is a bit about a few trips I have made to Tanzania. The first time I came here was way back in 2005, living in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in a village called Moshi. I came back to the village and they were happy to see me if ... read more
Meanders, OTZ
Extra relatives, ZZB
Tim and the Giant Banana, ZZB

Africa » Tanzania » West » Sumbawanga July 23rd 2012

I had a tough time this morning finding a bus from Sambuwenga to Kasesha. I guess that's because most people go down to Mbeya and cross to Zambia from there. I was considering doing that, but ... I really wanted to try and see Kalambo falls tomorrow, and the best chance of doing that is from Mbala in Zambia, which is not that far from this border post. I was told by numerous people that there are a couple of buses to Kasesha, but they leave at noon or 14:00 and not from the main bus stand. I checked out all the booking offices in the main bus station and outside ... I went as far as a 4 street radius from the bus station to try my luck, to no avail. It was now about ... read more
Guest house at border showing cooking hut
Inside Guest House at border

Africa » Tanzania » West » Sumbawanga July 22nd 2012

Since the bus to Sumbawanga left at noon, I had time to walk around the Sunday market at Mpanda. Dr. G.T. and his new friend I.. joined me in the walkabout. The bus trip to Sumbawanga was shorter than advertised, in that it was only 5 1/2 hours, not the 6 I'd been told. No breakdowns, no ticket mix ups. No armed guards needed. No mechanic needed on the bus. And the ride was actually comfortable. I had leg room to spare. Dr. G.T. talked to a little boy who was standing up in the bus next to him, and soon the boy was sleeping on Dr. G.T.'s lap. I'm still not sure who the boy's mother or father was, but it's nice that everyone is quite willing to take care of other people's children. The ... read more
Sunday Market
Sunday Market
Sunday Market

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