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August 20th 2013
Published: November 6th 2013
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Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Mountain clinic begins…..

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Clinic Day 1: Today we ran a medical clinic for the De Paul Secondary School students and afterwards engaged in social learning activities with the students. The clinic had a late start (TIA: This is Africa). When the students finally arrived, the HIV team started rolling. The lab tech at the clinic did not speak much English and was very quiet. It was difficult to carry on a conversation. He did not want to explain the purpose of HIV testing to the students, so we got help from Martha, one of the chalice workers from Kenya to help us. We were working non stop and when we finally stopped for lunch we were told that we would start the social learning activities right away, even though the clinic was not finished. Our Tanzanian counterparts will have to finish the rest of the students.

For the social learning activity, Viola and I were planning to have a spelling bee with the students. We were going to split them up into two groups and each individual will be given a word. If they got it wrong points will be taken off. Each group started with 30 points. We thought that it would be an easy task to perform but were we wrong. The kids were chaotic. Each student wanted to run to the board and spell the word. The spelling bee contest did not really work out. However, their teamwork skills were very good. Each team was helping their teammates spell the work correctly. They were able to get the easy English words correct, but had trouble understanding the meaning of some of the more difficult words. It was difficult trying to explain the meaning of the words in English because it was not their official language. So through trial and error, Viola and I found a list of words for them to spell that they would understand. After the social learning, which was really fun, we headed back to the administration building, had a bite to eat and then headed of to bed.

Tomorrow half the group will be running a mobile clinic and the other half will be running an elderly clinic in Mbangamao clinic. Renata and I will be helping out in the elderly clinic in Mbangamao. Can’t Wait! Until tomorrow!


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