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Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 10th 2011

It's friday and its been a long week at the orphanage - the older class has tests today so i helped administer them; the rest of the kids just played all day. Here are some photos of the gorgeous kids that I get to spend every day with! Enjoy.... read more
Girl Power

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 8th 2011

The start of the educational piece of the malaria initiative took place on Saturday morning - I did a speech/presentation to roughly 75 kids at Lukendane, discussing what malaria is, how it's contracted, the importance of preventative methods, and the seriousness of the disease... I had a translator and talked for about 30 minutes, than we did a "community clean up" for an hour after the talk. My logic behind this was that if we can reduce the number of resevoirs that are host to many bugs, including mosquitoes, than we can overall reduce the density of mosquitoes present which in turn will lower the prevalence of malaria. There is SO much trash here and by teaching the young generation of the importance of not littering and keeping the community clean, it may help to change ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 3rd 2011

Friday 25th, 2011 @ 6.30am - Usa River It's 6.30am and Ive been awake for hours. I fell asleep around 1am and woke up at 2.30am thinking it was time for breakfast. I was quite disappointed when I saw the time, knowing that I have to try and fall asleep again. There is a constant chirp in the air, a nice mixture of bugs and birds and local conversations. I fell back a sleep for a bit and woke up every 30 minutes until about 4.30, which I've just laid here since. Around 5.30 I heard chickens start their morning call, about the same time as I heard somebody up and about in the house.. probably the lady that helps out around the house. She prepares three meals a day, and its all on a schedule. ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 3rd 2011

Saturday, May 28th @ 5:45pm Well, I've been introuduced to the place -- very interesting. Yesterday was the first day that I walked around, and I was with Moody -- he's a Tanzanian guy that also runs Tamiha. Turns out he is of about 3 people here that speak English.. hm. We walked to all the Tamiha projects and through Usa River, which turns out to be much bigger than I expected. The roads are dirt (or mud) and are so bumpy i have no idea how people drive (they acutally dont, theres like 5 cars here). Everyone walks, some ride bikes, and not necessarily in Usa River, but towards Arusha there are people with motorbikes. There is heaps of plants and trees, very green and beautiful, but they ruin it by littering EVERYWHERE. This place ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 3rd 2011

Monday, May 30th 2011 @ 1030pm I'm laying in bed after the longest day yet. I'm quite up and down with feelings all day everyday. I miss home like never before but I am getting more comfortable here. I know that this will be such a great experience, but the thought of being near anyone I know/love is seriously tugging at my heart. I woke up at 730, had breakfast (which is a piece of plain white bread.. woo) and tea, than we walked 20 minutes to the orphanage. As soon as we walked up, the children all race to us in order to hold our hands - they will literally push each other just to get to a white hand. They break out in song (there's litterally a song for everything) and we play for ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 3rd 2011

Wednesday 6/1 @ 8pm Today was quite long and frustrating. I started out at the orphanage and that is always fun, but than heading into arusha to try and arrange some meetings regarding supplies of nets and what not, but these people handle business so differently than back home! Nothing gets done here... not because the opportunities are missing, but because of the life choices. There are so many simple things that could happen and make a difference, but everyone is fine with how things are, and if someone wants to change something... than they can go for it. That's it. Adding gutters to the roofs, especially at the orphanage but also everywhere would provide fresh water to the people and the kids (who otherwise drink NO water or anything all day... and when they do ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 3rd 2011

Friday, June 3rd @ 4.30pm Play Day Today was great- Friday's at the orphanage is play day, so there are no lesssons and the kids just play games all day. It is seriously the cutest thing. There were about 55 today and when we arrive, the kids are playing all over the place - soccer with punctured balls and no skin left; jump ropes that are retied and retied (except for the 2 new ones i brought) and kids with sticks and nails and trash playing with whatever the can find. There is no 'school yard'; its just an area that there are no buildings. The ground is dirt everywhere but Ana and Sabrina, the orphanage keepers use the homemade mand broom to sweep the dirt floors each day. Hm. They have a song for EVERYTHING, ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River June 3rd 2011

Sunday 5/29/11 @ 7:30pm It's Sunday night and I am starting to feel much better. Every time I leave the house, I get a bit more comfortable and am really starting to see the beauty here. So last night we went into Arusha to have dinner and watch the soccer final, so Jake, Jonas and I walked about 10 minutes down the road to a volunteer house where Aly (an american girl) and Locky (another Aussie guy) live and than the five of us walked up to the main road and caught the dala dala into Arusha. Those buses are seriously a trip... but greatest thing ever because they are bloody cheap and so efficient. There are constantly dalas coming and since there are no stops, they will pick you up or drop you off anywhere ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Usa River May 26th 2011

Dar Es Salaam Airport -May 26th, 2011 @ 530pm Wowwww what a journey this has been already. I am currently sitting in the Dar Es Salaam domestic "terminal" which is one room with 4 gates- so cute and so african. I'm surrounded by locals with a few white faces in the crowd. I have been in the same outfit for 3 days now --you can imagine how I smell and look! Delicious. Woke up early this morning in Dubai, chatted with the fam before I left for the airport, than it was off to another long (kind of) plane ride. The Dubai Airport is nothing like I've ever seen. It was amazing. SOOOO modern - i literally felt like I was going off to space. Everything is like a massive glass bubble, its gorgeous. Flight was ... read more

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