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July 13th 2010
Published: July 13th 2010
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I always wondered why the road crossing for people where called as 'Zebra crossings'. Then someone told me that it is because the black and white strips on the road looks like Zebra's stripes. May be thats the correct explanation but it is a far cry from the real Zebra stripes indeed.

Real Zebra stripes are never straight but slightly curved and sinuous in patern. That patern creates a mesmorising and rather confussing effect when you stare at them. That very effect serves to save the Zebras when Lions try to chase them. They tend to get confffused by this sinuous and wavy patterns on the Zebras that they simply give up the chase most of the time.

Well anyway, When I was in Serengeti I thought why not capture all the animals crossing the roads. And so this is the result.

Please follow the images.

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Hold the traffic, I am crossing !Hold the traffic, I am crossing !
Hold the traffic, I am crossing !

This one used the jeeps for shade and it sat under it for a long time. Then decided to cross the road.

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