Day 3 in Serengeti : Lions galore

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December 31st 2009
Published: January 6th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

This was my last day in Serengeti, and I hadnt seen lions from close proximity. I woke up early yet again, to beat everyone to toilet, and also to start the game-drive really early. I even skipped breakfast because I wanted to spend as much time as possible watching animals.

I asked Omar to take me to those lion dens (Kopjes). We were rewarded at the first Kopje itself - 3 lions (1 male and 2 females) walked right past our car. They were so close that I could almost touch them. And then we saw a whole pride of lionesses basking in sun with cubs.

In my next life, I want to be a lion. Perfect life they have - lay in sun and relax, have a pride of lionesses .. and make the lionesses take care of kids, hunt and serve meat every couple of days!!

This time Omar took me to farthest and least visited parts of Serengeti in search for Cheetah and then elephants. We found cheetah, leopard (3 in 3 days was very lucky of me) but no elephants.

After lunch, we headed out to Nogrongoro conversation Area (NCA). On our way, we saw several lions - resting right next to zebras and antelopes.

Of all the animals, my favorite herbivore was giraffe, and favorite carnivore was cheetah (for its grace)

NCA campground was beautiful - perched on a hill, with a big fig tree in middle and a great view of 80 sq km crater and crater lake. People were in festive mood for new year. I befriended a young dutch couple who had a bottle of wine in hand, and shared it with everyone they talked with. Nice way to spread happiness! We narrated our adventures so far, had dinner and then I went to bed early. There was a bigger dutch group in a bus/truck visiting from Kenya....


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