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Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area December 26th 2007

Whe we discovered the Crater it was just amazing to see the hugeness and beauty of this place. We saw so many animals and had a fun picnic with good food (always nice food prepared by our cook) in the car otherwise the birds would come and steal it from our plate. We had lots of laugh. to be continued, out of my 900 photos I could not upload all of them. the adventure continues and I am glad to share my fabulous adventure with you. Karibu sana Flo The adventure continues in N Gorrongoro Crater An amazing day where we saw so many animals and finaly lyons, rhinoceros...we are approaching the Big Five...but we had still to wait until we could manage to djida and leopards....we were really eager to meet them on this earth!!! ... read more
a beauty
the 360
tighting my hair

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area December 22nd 2007

Finally I am ready to go. For all my dear firends knowing me lately , be ensured that it will be my deliverance for the Flo with a large smile, the wish to discover, to be curious, to live things at 200% and morever enjoy the beauty of the earth we live in. I will catch this beauty through my eyes and the lens of my camera and I will ensure you to do a nice "vernissage" photo exhibition. I am not sure I will be able to upload photos in the parcs, you are all in my heart and my deep love reaches you in this end of of year for a very wonderful new year full of history, stories, discoveries. I wish you all a very nice end of year with your families and ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area November 18th 2007

The close of our East African safari is in the little Massai village of Engaruka, 60 kilometers down a rutted and dusty dirt road. The sense of isolation is strong. As are the Massai people. They have held to traditional ways of life proudly and belligerently against the onslaught of Western Culture. They are known as fierce warriors who live a pastoral lifestyle, grazing their cattle and goats. They scorn agriculture and do not believe in land ownership. Yet somehow hold to their traditions! The Massai women are noted for their vibrant artistic traditions. We see these traditions in their striking body decorations and beaded jewelry, particularly their plate like necklaces. Meanwhile, the men dress in their shukas, red checked blankets, proudly draped over their tall, wiry frames as they walk, for mile after mile, with ... read more
Massai Man

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area October 30th 2007

Early start! Yuck! We all set out as a group till we got to the gates of the National Park. Bought Sarah her first postcard. Driving to the crater - all you see was the mist and fog. It was about an hour drive to get to the top of the crater and then we decended into it, driving in this 4by4 vehicle on this tiny path. I couldn't get over how huge the crater was. There was plenty of wild life to see and the migration was happening. Drove by a hippo pool, one of the guys (Con) sat there for over 20 minutes not taking photos...until he realised that it was hippos! He'll never live that down. Stopped for lunch under some trees and got out of the vechiles. At the end of the ... read more
Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area October 23rd 2007

We left the campsite at the crack of dawn in order to arrive at the Ngorongoro Crater National Park early and get the most out of the mornings game drive. We arrive at the Park entrance and whilst waiting for the formalities to be sorted we watch the resident baboons pilfer any vehicle who's owners have made the mistake of leaving it unattended and with the windows down. Rather disappointingly when I inquired as to the meaning of ‘Ngorongoro’ I’m informed that it actually translates to ’Cattle Bells.’ Not what I expected for the world’s largest, unbroken, unflooded caldera. It was created some 2-3 million years ago when a massive volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself. More recently in 1979 it joined the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Within the Crater is an eco system ... read more
The Ngorongoro Crater.
Crater Entrance
Spotted hyena

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area October 11th 2007

Ngorongoro Crater is one of the best national parks in Tanzania, and is a giant volcanic crater. To gain access it is necessary to climb up and over the crater wall, hence the lack of giraffes. Once inside there is an abundance of wildlife. There are four prides of lions and for some reason only male elephants.... read more
Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Crater

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area October 7th 2007

After an amazing two days in the Serengeti, we headed the rough road, i.e. 130 km on a dirt road with potholes so big, just unreal, to the Ngorongoro Crater for another spectacular day of safari and wildlife viewing, so here are some pictures! enjoy picture=xxxx ... read more
A leopard with a fresh gazelle kill
and another lion!
wildebeest blocking the road

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area October 1st 2007

Habari! I just returned from a glorious weekend safari. I have to saw that the majority of the people here elected to go on a camping safari but I chose to go on a lodge safari (for $50 more) with two other volunteers, Denise and Sharon. We did a private safari where you stay in a hotel at night and boy was it worth it. We used Powerful Kingdom Adventures - if you get the chance to go book through John ( He used to work at CCS so he gave us a great deal and also ask for Victor. He was a great guide and had unbelievable eyes - he spotted a 2 in crab crossing the road in front of our car!!! I know that my words and pictures will not do justice to ... read more
Hunting Lioness

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area September 18th 2007

Hello everyone. We are finally getting a chance to send another update on Africa. As you know, we are definitely no longer in Africa. We are actually in Greece right now traveling with my mom. She got here last Sunday and will leave this coming Saturday. Anyhow, we are doing very well. We are sorry that we have not been able to update the blog more often. We would like to share more pictures but it takes FOREVER to download them. Bare with us, we will post more soon (: There are some new pictures under the "Local Living" blog and we'll also post more in the "Mt. Kili" one when we get a chance. Ok, Ok I know we've put you through the boring accounts of our trip to a village and our stinky account ... read more
Just beautiful!
Striped friend

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area August 10th 2007

Random Meetings For our first weekend in Tanzania a large group of us organized a safari to Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Tengeru and on the way we stopped at Meserani Snake Park. When I mentioned to my friend Ben I was going to Tanzania, he said, "Oh, my friend Lan's family has a snake park if you want to meet up with them". My first thought was why would I want to go to a snake park, I hate snakes. I asked our safari driver if there were a lot of snake parks here and he said there were a couple, but this one is the biggest and most popular. I then asked if it was owned by a South African and he said yes. Sure ... read more
Me and Ma
Creepy Buzzard
What Nice Teeth You Have

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