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June 13th 2003
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Eventually the bus showed up - which was a relief and took us out of the Park. David had told us the gate we were going to was half a day off but it turned out we left the park after about an hour on the bus. At the gate the guards summoned us from the bus and told us our permit had run out and had been "tampered" with. We told them the situation with the tour company and they let us travel on without trouble. They planned to take it up with the tour company I think which was cool for us since we had no idea. I guess it turned out that the tour company had agreed to spend three days in the park, but intended just to pay for two. I wonder what happened to Oliver and Petra at the other exit! Maybe they got out in time... no wonder David wouldn't drive us to the other gate. The bus ended up going on a Northern road not really the most direct route to Mwanza. It took us us to Musoma and it was a very bumpy uncomfortable ride until about 8pm. It made us quite angry that David hadn't taken us out of the park the way we had been told by the tour company. Apparently the road to Mwanza was a lot better. At Musoma there were no buses to Mwanza so we found a small hotel to stay in and sank a few beers to get the dust out of our mouths and the pain from our asses. We got up the next day and took an unexpectedly long bus to Mwanza which took about 4 hours but was fairly comfortable.


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