day 4- Moir Hut to Baranco camp

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September 23rd 2021
Published: September 23rd 2021
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The 4th day was the second climitization day. It involved hiking up to the Lava tower to climatize about 15k feet, and then come back down to around 13k feet at the Barranco camp. Every day gets us up at 6, so again, up at 6, hiking by 7. This day of hiking mostly was going though rocky terrain up to the Lava tower. This was a long, slow, hike. I was breathing heavy for a lot of it as my body adjusted. We finally made it to the lava tower around noon or so for lunch. The lava tower is exactly what its name makes you think it is. A tower of volcanic rock from an eruption many many years ago. You can approach the summit from the Lava tower, and some routes do this, but mine did not.

After lunch, we started to hike down through a small snow storm. Visibility was limited, but not impossible. As we lowered in elevation, the snow tapered to just clouds, and we got to walk through a field of groundsels. Giant plants that can only be found on the slopes of Mt. Kilamanjaro. These plants can get up to about 7 feet tall and have a vibrant, green color at the top. There were very pretty to see. We dropped down to about 12k feet before finally ascending back up to around 13k feet for camp at the Barranco Wall. This camp is fairly exposed and windy. It's also extremely popular. This is where my route meet up with the Machame route, the most popular on the mountain.

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