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January 30th 2013
Published: January 30th 2013
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just a quick blog this time - promise!!! half because there isn't loads to say and half because i am using a swedish computer and i dont really understand any of the symbols!!!

well today is our 3 year Anniversary - yeyyyy! what a place to spend it 😊 we have taken the day off work and are pampering ourselves at a local pool in a bit to work on our T-shirt Tans. my tan was coming on very nicely until we got started at KiliKids... on projects we are not allowed to wear anything too revealing becuase of the widespread muslim faith so its long shorts, trainers and T-shirts all day --- noooooo!!!!!

KiliKids has been a mixed bag of emotions... the first couple of days of amazement and joy and love of the project, kids and surrounding area soon gave way to absolute frustration at the African laid back attitude, the clear lack of leadership, and the crazy long walk in the burning heat that's novelty wore off pretty bloody sharpish!!!! We really do enjoy it when there is a good amount of tasks to do, and resources to do them with, and when the kids are split into nice small managable groups. but often the kids are like a mob crowd and that can get really knackering and hard to deal with.... unfortunately it has been a case of sooo many volunteers over the last couple of years who are desperate to give gifts that the kids are kind of spolt now - ironically!!!! but when you do get one or two one their own it is lush, they are such little cuties and they are so good at learning - when there are no distractions!!!!! as for all the manual labour (and my god there is so much to do) well Maff is loving it - obvs - and i don't tend to mind when its a good task and there are obvious results. but sometimes we just dig for the sake of digging!!! i mean, yes my meaty arms have never been so toned and yes, my kankles are considerably less kankly, and yes, i sweat so much during the day that i don't actually have to visit the horrifying overused, children soiled, rotting in the sun compost toilets - but honestly, walking like a old aged pensioner and not really being able to lift my arms to wash my hair properly does not really make it right!!!!!

in our down times and weekends we are very lucky and spoilt. the group here are fantastic - love them all so much and will be sad next week when lots start leaving us 😞 and we have been able to pool our funds and go on daytrips to waterfalls, hot springs, villages, and even did a pub crawl in a disco Dalla Dalla (ohhh Maff loved that one) so we are very much living it up here in Moshi.... the food is pretty excellent too - no spice as of yet!!! anyway, love to all and missing you lots xxxxxx ps, Maff says hi xxx


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